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Wahoo’s refreshed bike trainers at the moment are even smarter

Fitness fanatics and fair-weather cyclists alike should appreciate Wahoo’s upgraded Kickr smart trainer and stationary bike line-up, which lands today with Wi-Fi for faster onscreen feedback and fewer dropouts.

Arriving a decade since Wahoo launched its first indoor bike trainer, the Kickr v6 is the latest evolution: you still remove your existing bike’s rear wheel and gearset, bolt on the frame and loop up a chain for a familiar and authentic ride, only now the trainer doesn’t have to rely on spotty Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity to stay hooked in to your apps and cycle computers.

Wi-Fi should also speed up how quickly your stats are updated in real-time, which could make all the difference for virtual racers and athletes looking to perfect their sprint stages – whether that’s using the firm’s own Wahoo X streaming service, or third- party apps like Zwift.

Wahoo also recons having a web connection will help its customer service teams diagnose any issues, and allow for automatic firmware updates.

The Kickr Bike v2, meanwhile, lets you get your sweat on without needing to disassemble your road bike first. It’s an all-in-one unit with built-in grade changes, simulated shifting and customizable gearing, along with the same optimized flywheel setup as the Kickr trainer.

Added Wi-Fi should have an even bigger impact here: the Kickr Bike’s speed, distance, power and cadence monitors don’t require any extra sensors, so setup should be as straightforward as it gets.

The Kickr v6 and Kickr Bike v2 are both on sale right now, directly from the Wahoo website. The Kickr v6 will set you back £1100, while the Kickr Bike v2 costs £3500.

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