Scooters And One Wheels

Visitors cops confiscate uninsured BMW and unlawful e-scooter

THE owner of a BMW was caught by traffic cops for traffic offenses on Thursday evening, January 13th.

Police stopped the black BMW in the Wallisdown area after seeing the motorist driving “quite briskly”.

The driver was found to have failed to follow up on an offer of insurance or his license application – which the DVLA had no record of receiving.

The car was impounded and the driver prosecuted for these document offenses.

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Dorset Traffic Police then took part in patrols in Boscombe where they found an e-scooter crashing into a red light – on a stretch of road that had been closed for road works.

This resulted in the scooter being confiscated.

In addition, police stopped a number of motorists for document offences, including driving without a valid MOT – both drivers walked away with a £100 fine.

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