US-made drones: Terraview’s RangePro X8P

U.S.-made drones are a growing sector – and California-based TerraView has announced a second commercial drone offering that now includes system components and options that meet government and DoD guidelines.

The RangePro X8P – Pixhawk is a successor to the RangePro X8 from last year. “Like its predecessor, the RangePro X8P is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for companies that can fly for more than 70 minutes under real conditions with a standard sensor payload,” says TerraView. The RangePro X8P is one of a new line of US-made drones “specifically designed for data acquisition by industrial, first responder and government companies. “

Recent discussions in the US government, including some versions of the National Defense Authorization Act, have proposed a ban on Chinese-made drone technology. Bruce Myers, President of TerraView, is committed to being part of the US drone industry helping to meet the needs of customers in the US and around the world. “We have worked with suppliers in the US and other US partner countries to provide world-class technical solutions and components that enable us to manufacture one of the most powerful commercial drones on the market today,” says Myers. “We’re excited to announce that the RangePro X8P has been approved by multiple federal agencies and is available to purchase immediately through the GSA schedule. The RangePro X8P is NDAA 848 compliant and is currently being flown for a variety of missions by several federal agencies as well as our corporate customers. “

The RangePro X8, launched last year, immediately caught on with customers looking for advanced features for US-made drones. Developed for use by federal agencies and corporate customers, the RangePro is a wind and weather resistant aircraft with a long lifespan: equipped with sophisticated sensors that meet the most stringent manufacturing requirements. “As the successor to the RangePro X8 that we launched last year, the RangePro X8P still uses the same airframe and military technologies that provide longer flight time, but now with a US-made flight control system (FCS) and other non-Chinese system components and data collection options, ”Myers said. “The new model currently includes a GCS (Ground Control Station) option with encrypted radio / data, USA made FLIR, non-Chinese RGB, and card options for cards. The RangePro X8P ensures the competitive advantages of a longer flight time and ensures the complete security of valuable data. ”

The RangePro Pixhawk can be customized for industries such as energy, agriculture, construction, first responders, mining, and government. Flight time is one of the differentiators of the RangePro Pixhawk: “The highly efficient design coupled with higher power density batteries results in flight times that are on average two and a half times longer than the competition, allowing users to do more work with fewer batteries and less time invested Battery change and maintenance, ”says Terraview. Each battery can support over 500 charging cycles, which offers customers considerable added value. The data acquisition capabilities of the RangePro Pixhawk make it ideal for industrial inspections, terrain mapping and modeling, and structural integrity measurements. Add weather resistance – watch the video below – and the RangePro Pixhawk is a great competitor in the US-made drone space

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