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Use this truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ Device from truMedic® to experience fast relief for sore, aching muscles. These electronic pulse massagers feature a convenient handheld design that allows you to target different areas of the body as needed. The pulsing movement helps to break up knots, get the kinks out and release tension. After each session, you’ll feel better, enjoy enhanced mobility, and even feel less stressed. Discover what makes Impact Therapy™ so effective for aches and pains and learn more about the great features of our truRelief™ pulse massagers.

  • Interchangeable heads. Use different heads on the device to help trigger specific points on the body
  • Adjustable settings. Select different frequencies for the pulsing massage to change up the force & speed of your Impact Therapy™ session
  • Rechargeable battery. Built w/ convenient Li-Ion batteries that can be recharged for cordless use & function for several hours on a single charge
  • Ultra-quiet motor. Powered by a brushless motor that is incredibly quiet, making it suitable for use at home, in the office or while traveling


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