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This sensible video doorbell is step one to a safer, smarter residence

If you’ve been thinking about smart home security but don’t know where to start, the doorbell rings: a smart video doorbell. The SwannBuddy Smart Video Doorbell is packed with features to help you feel more secure at home, and while it comes with the latest technology, it doesn’t come with a painful price tag. Affordable, easy to set up, and spectacularly easy to use, the SwannBuddy is a great way to make your home smarter.

See details that other cameras cannot capture

Let’s start with the doorbell itself because your SwannBuddy sees things that other security doorbells lack. That’s because it has a crystal clear 1080p camera with a very wide 180 degree field of view and a 1: 1 vertical view so you can see the whole person, not just their top half. It also allows you to see all the packages that have been left at your door.

The doorbell that knows the difference

The SwannBuddy is equipped with a TrueDetect thermal sensor, which means that it can tell the difference between a person and something passing by. This means fewer false positives, which is very useful if you live somewhere with a lot of vehicles or animals: your SwannBuddy only tells you what you really need to know.

The doorbell that sees in the dark

Your SwannBuddy can see in the dark with a range of up to 5 meters thanks to its night vision technology, and there is two-way audio so you can communicate with your callers, ask couriers to drop a package in a specific location or warn someone who shouldn’t be there. And of course, it’s built tough to withstand the elements: it’s IP56 certified, which means it’s ready for any weather.

The doorbell designed to do what you want

While the SwannBuddy video doorbell is naturally attached to your door or frame, the speaker of the Chime Unit can be taken anywhere. It has a huge 20m range and means you won’t miss anyone at the door if you don’t have your phone on hand.

One of our favorite things about the SwannBuddy Video Doorbell is that while there is a great cloud storage option to store your video footage, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. You can also record locally and store your camera footage on the included 32 GB SD card. Or you can combine both cloud and local storage for maximum security.

So easy to install and even easier to use

Your SwannBuddy video doorbell comes with everything you need for installation, and you can choose between two types of installation: 100% wireless with the supplied battery or by connecting to your existing doorbell wiring. As soon as you have installed it, your SwannBuddy will immediately connect to the Swann security app. This also works with Swann’s other security products. So if you decide to add more security cameras in the future, they will all be visible and controllable in the same app. Whether wireless cameras or fully wired security systems, the Swann app makes everything easy.

This app also gives you voice control so you can use custom commands like “Hey Google! Who’s at the door? ”Or“ Alexa, show me the back door ”depending on your preferred digital assistant.

Feel more secure with Swann

Swann is a very big name in home and office security around the world. It pioneered the do-it-yourself security systems category and remains the leader in home security technology, making a wide variety of intelligent security products. This means that you can easily expand your Swann security system with additional cameras and sensors at any time.

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