Thermal payload for public security FLIR TZ20

FLIR’s high-resolution dual thermal zoom Vue® TZ20 has all the features to make it the ultimate thermal payload for public safety and more.

Situation awareness is a major benefit of drone programs for public safety. For law enforcement, understanding a scene at an early stage can improve the safety of everyone involved. This is where unmanned systems can be invaluable, keep an eye to the sky and send important information to the response team on site.

Thermal imaging provides additional information so teams can see and understand situations that are unclear to the naked eye. However, new tools can mean additional training and integration problems for public safety agencies. The FLIR solution offers an uncompromising solution. The Vue TZ20 was presented at the DJI Airworks conference in August 2020. Fully integrated with the Matrice 200 series and 300 airframes, the plug-and-play gimbal system provides industry-leading FLIR thermal capabilities out of the box. The Vue TZ works with the DJI Pilot app: users don’t have to download a second app and learn.

Two factory-calibrated dual boson thermal imaging cameras (640 x 512) with expandable infrared video streaming; Combined with sophisticated features, the FLIR Vue TZ20 is the best thermal public safety payload on the market. Payload features include thermal video streaming, video recording, and still image capture with 20x zoom, allowing operators to perform missions from a safe distance while capturing thermal data and all the details they need. In contrast to the digital zoom, the TZ 20 offers a continuous zoom: improved size and lower weight so that the drone flies longer.

Law enforcement and other public safety agencies can use thermal imaging for a variety of applications. Regardless of whether a crowd is being monitored at a public event, responding to a call at the crime scene, documenting an accident or looking for a lost person, an eye equipped with thermal images in the sky is an important tool. With the best thermal functions on the market, smooth integration via a fast connection via the Skyport v2.0 gimbal and no new app for learning, the Vue TZ20 is the ideal addition to optimize the use of an agency’s Matrice fleet.

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