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The whole lot we all know up to now about Apple’s rumored object tracker

AirTags – the object tracker that has allegedly been in development hell at Apple for years – could finally get into the hands of customers in 2021. Rumor has it that they could finally hit the market later this month, along with new iPads and AirPods Pro. So far, leaks have given us a glimpse into their supposed design, and their arrival has also been hinted at by the latest beta updates for iOS. If you are interested in the upcoming Apple product, you will find everything we know so far about the AirTags here:

Starting with the design, the AirTags should be disc-shaped with an Apple logo in the middle on one side. According to images extracted from internal iOS builds, the AirTags have a rounded profile. And according to the renderings shared by tipster Jon Prosser, the object tracker has a white finish on one side, while the other side has a metallic surface with an Apple logo and other text-based details next to the periphery.

And from what we saw in the form of Spigen’s AirTags accessories, they will actually have a rounded profile. For the competition, the Samsung SmartThings tracker and Tile’s have a rectangular outline. There are also rumors that the AirTags might arrive in two sizes.

How do the AirTags work? They’ll be Bluetooth-based and supposedly come with an Apple chip that quickly pairs with your iPhone or other compatible device to check location information and track the devices they’re connected to – from a pet to to a school bag.

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Recent leaks thanks to iOS updates suggest the AirTags can be accessed from the Items tab in the My Search app. This is the destination that will display all of your Apple devices and those that are bound to the AirTags. These objects are shown on the map with an address where they can be found.

Once you get a notification that an item with an AirTag has been lost, you can get it to play a loud chime so you can find it. You can set safe locations in the Find My app. As soon as your tracker leaves this safe place, a notification will be sent on your phone. According to reports, the AirTags will use Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology for spatial awareness, which makes them more accurate compared to regular Bluetooth-based trackers. iPhones come with the U1 chip, and it’s very likely that the AirTags will use one too.

Apple may also use ARKIt and bake some augmented reality features like an overlay on the map or in the viewfinder to make it easier for you to find the lost item. Leaks indicate that the locations in the Find My App map view are recognizable by a speech bubble. Apple’s own patent filing says the following about the property tracking plans:

The label can contain a battery, sensors, a wireless communication system, and one or more output devices that can produce audible and / or haptic output. Location functions can be provided by the wireless communication system, and in particular by the tag, which sends wireless signals to other devices (e.g. smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) that analyze the wireless signals to determine the distance, position, position and Determine the position / or orientation of the tag with a high degree of accuracy. “

And if your AirtTags are out of range and you can’t find them with the Find My app, you can still find them. If another iPhone user is within range of your lost AirTags, their phone will show them your details so they can contact you and share the details of your AirTags via text or any other medium they deem appropriate. However, you will need to activate Lost Mode first when your AirTags leave the tracking area.

Image: 9to5Mac

On the other hand, there may also be a “normal operating mode” that establishes brief or internal communication with other devices to check their location. In addition, there is the option of attaching the AirTags to a user’s body to track body movement for tasks such as training or even control games.

There is no specific information on how AirTags are calculated. Some rumors suggest that the AirTags require a charging puck similar to the one found on the Apple Watch. However, some reports suggest that they contain replaceable coin-shaped batteries that can be used for a year. We estimate that Apple’s object trackers will cost anywhere from $ 30 to $ 50, depending on orders from competitors.

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