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The Original Gorilla Bow combines the fundamentals of an ancient bow with modern resistance band technology to give you a total body workout. Build muscle, lose weight and tone, while reducing joint stress. Whether you are a heavy lifter with a hard-core routine or have just committed to working out regularly, the Gorilla Bow will help you crush your goals.

The bow’s construction of aircraft-grade aluminum gives it 300 lbs of weight capacity or tension. Achieve the right intensity for your workouts by placing up to 4 resistance bands on your bow. Our resistance band material can be stretched 2.5 times its length so you can use it for more exercises.

Original Gorilla Bow Specs:
Bow Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Band Stretch Capacity: 2.5 x their length
Bow Weight: 6 lbs
BowLength: 56 inches

With your Gorilla Bow purchase, enjoy 30 days of the Gorilla Bow All-Access Membership, which includes on-demand classes online or on our app. Check your email post-purchase and download the Gorilla Bow app on the Apple App Store or Google.


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