Scooters And One Wheels

The take a look at with the Nice Yarmouth Ginger e-scooter begins with the beginning

An e-scooter test in Great Yarmouth got off to a busy start with more than 10,000 miles in just over two weeks.

The Great Yarmouth Borough Council is working with authorized operator Ginger, who is providing 35 scooters and 50 parking spaces, to help the government decide whether or not to legalize e-scooters.

Since the trial version started in late March, 1,512 registered users have covered a total of 11,183 miles.

An e-scooter parking lot on the Great Yarmouth coast.
– Credit: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Penny Carpenter, Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, said: “During e– –Scooter I’ve been in Norwich for a while and bicycles have long been a common means of transport. We’re still very much in town eMost of the stages of the Great Yarmouth process and people get used to driving this e– –Scooter and see her around.

“We continue to review and monitor operations in partnership with e-scooter operator Ginger, the police and the district council as the highway authority.

“To the eFor example, we added Regent Road as one of ours escooter relegation zones coincide with the reopening of more shops and tourist businesses, “she added.

Victor Ling, 47, who has used Great Yarmouth’s e-scooters three times, says they are “easy to use”.
– Photo credit: Victor Ling

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Victor Ling, who has used the e-scooter three times so far, said: “The first time was a bit of fun, the second time to go to the coast and have a cup of tea, and the third time to pick up to my van that was serviced in Albie’s workshop. “

The 47-year-old, who runs a photo shop in Victoria Arcade, added, “I find it very easy to use and I like the concept. I will definitely be using it again.”

He said he noticed that “some kids are using them, kids under 16, which is fine until something goes wrong”.

“There are little issues here and there, but in general I think it’s really positive and we have to look to the future and use things like that,” Ling said.

The Trial Zone includes residential areas and major commuter routes in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Bradwell, as well as both coastlines and other important areas eAreas of application.

To the eEverything you need to know about booking one e– Scooter and ride safely, please visit– –Scooter You can also find safety information and online training on the Ginger website at

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