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The Smeg Espresso Handbook Espresso Machine is your one-stop caffeine station

Smeg has introduced a new Espresso Manual Coffee Machine that’s set to arrive in June. The machine will be available in various colors and features a curvy, retro finish that perfectly matches Smeg’s unique style.

Able to grind whole coffee beans and create two espressos simultaneously, the Smeg Espresso Manual Coffee Machine can also froth milk, eliminating the need for extra accessories. The machine is equipped with a 250g capacity bean hopper. When the time comes to grind, you can adjust the beans’ texture using a simple hopper turn. As such, a clockwise turn gives you a finer finish, while a counterclockwise move presents a coarser grind. The ability to superfine coffee is thanks to the machine’s stainless steel conical grinders designed to preserve the aroma.

Simplicity with style

At the top of the machine is a stainless steel tray where you can warm mugs beforehand. And with the 58mm portafilter, you can prepare coffee just like the professionals, offering pressurized and non-pressurized filters. There’s also a specialist pressure gauge that provides optimal extraction. Select the machine’s single or double espresso pre-set function on the grinder. Other features include a rotation steam wand and 450ml stainless steel milk jug.

The Smeg Espresso Manual Coffee Machine uses a dual Thermoblock heating system that guarantees the steam function is ready when needed. It features two circuits, one for coffee and the other for milk. Add hot water to your drink in just one step and adjust the frothing level to create different intensities.

In describing its new machine, Smeg notes: “Whether you prefer a maximalist color-clashing design aesthetic, or a cohesive black and white finish for more contemporary kitchens, Smeg delivers the ultimate final flourish. Combined with the polished stainless-steel splashback, upper and drip tray, the coffee machine’s sophisticated design takes pride in place on countertops, whether it’s a stand-out appliance or the finishing touch to a cohesive Smeg kitchen.”

At launch, the Smeg Espresso Manual Coffee Machine will be available in six colors, including the brand’s well-known pastel shades and classic cream and black styles. The new machine retails for $1050/£850.

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