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The Philips A7507 hybrid headphones characteristic bone conduction microphones for calls

It can be difficult to distinguish a new pair of true wireless earbuds from the thousands of others currently on the market, but Philips may have nailed it with its A7507 hybrid headphones.

Along with large, low-distortion graphene-coated drivers and active noise cancellation, the sports-friendly earbuds feature bone conduction microphones for better call quality when there’s a lot of noise in the background. A dedicated algorithm also works to reduce wind noise, while support for both LDAC and AAC codecs should ensure your tunes sound as sweet as possible.

The battery in the buds lasts about eight hours, with 21 more in the charging case, but if you’re really weak and just need a bit of juice to get home, 15 minutes connected via USB-C will do the trick they add an extra hour.

If you’re looking for a speaker rather than a pair of headphones, Philips has also unveiled two Bluetooth jobs: the 10-watt S4807 and the larger 40-watt S7807. Both have built-in straps and a double layer of rubber to protect against bumps and scrapes on the road, are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, which means they can be connected to multiple devices at the same time and paired with second speakers for stereo sound.

The S7807 measures 104 x 104 x 280mm and houses a pair of 70mm woofers, a 20mm tweeter and a passive radiator to boost bass, while the S4807 houses a single 45mm mid/woofer, has a 20 mm tweeter and two passive radiators. You get 24 hours from the S7807’s 5000mAh battery, which doubles as a power bank, and half that of the S4807.

Philips hasn’t announced prices for any of the new products yet, but they should go on sale later in the year.

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