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The OnePlus 8, 7T, Amazon Echo bundles and different gadgets can be found on the market

Well, we have several OnePlus offerings. First up, let’s go to B&H, where the OnePlus 8 is currently getting a massive $ 350 discount, making this smartphone available in its unlocked version with 128GB of storage for $ 450. The OnePlus 7T is on sale too, and you can get one for $ 350 with a $ 250 savings for the same 128GB of storage. Now it gets even better if you go to as you can still find some Valentine’s Day deals that get you the OnePlus 8 starting at $ 599 and another one for 50 percent off, which means you can can save up to $ 500 on your purchase. The OnePlus 8 Pro is on sale too, and you can get one for $ 799 after a $ 200 discount.

Now when we go to Amazon we can find some nice packages that include the brand new Echo smart speaker with smart bulbs. The first option includes the 4th generation Amazon Echo with two Philips Hue bulbs for $ 80 with a discount of $ 50. If you want a smaller Echo at a cheaper price, you can purchase your 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot with clock and Sengled Bluetooth lamp. You can get yours for $ 60 and save $ 9.99.

And since they’re already talking about speakers, consider a pair of Mackie CR-X multimedia monitors with studio-quality procedural sound. You can get them standard with the cables and wires necessary to connect them to your PC, or you can opt for the bluetooth version. The smaller 3-inch option starts at $ 90 with savings of $ 10 on the standard version or gets the Bluetooth version for $ 110. The 4-inch option comes with $ 30 off, which means you can get a pair for $ 120 or $ 140 with Bluetooth, or the 5-inch option for $ 170 standard or $ 190 with Bluetooth and get the same $ 30 discount.

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