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The Kobo Clara 2E is a water-proof e-reader made virtually completely out of recycled plastic 

To a lot of people e-readers mean Kindles, but Amazon isn’t the only option out there, and Kobo’s new Clara 2E (£130) looks like a solid alternative to the trusty Kindle Paperwhite.

The Clara 2E is Kobo’s first fully waterproof 6in e-reader, promising up to 60 minutes of water resistance in up to two meters of water. Put simply, you shouldn’t worry about dropping it in the pool. It’s pretty eco-friendly too, with an exterior forged using more than 85% recycled plastic.

The glare-free 6in E Ink display features a dark mode and blue light reduction, making it easier on your eyes when reading at night, and you get 16GB of storage, double that of the Kindle Paperwhite. Bluetooth is also supported, and you’ll have enough room for 75 audiobooks to listen to on the go.

As for battery life, Kobo says you can expect “weeks” from the pocket-friendly e-reader, so it likely won’t trouble a Kindle in that department. Still, Bluetooth and waterproofing are important and very useful features for anyone shopping in the mid-range e-reader market.

The Kobo Clara 2E will be available to buy from September 22 online and at select retailers including Currys and Argos.

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