Scooters And One Wheels

The Italian e-scooter has giant wheels and a chrome steel body

Although there are a ton of electric scooters out there now, most have tiny wheels that could easily be swallowed by potholes. The Kobra differs in that it has relatively large, powerful wheels – along with a tubular stainless steel frame.

First of all, there are actually two models of the Kobra: the urban Smart and the heavier Climber.

Both have a 20-inch wheel at the front and a 16-inch wheel at the rear. These wheels are covered with pneumatic tires – slicks for the Smart and knobbies for the Climber. The braking force is provided by electronically activated mechanical disc brakes. An “E-ABS” system prevents the wheels from locking when braking.

The rear wheel also has a hub motor – 350 watts for the Smart and 500 watts for the Climber – which is powered by a frame-mounted lithium battery. One charge should be suitable for a range of over 100 km at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Due to its more powerful engine, the Climber should be able to cope with inclines of up to 35 percent, while the Smart reaches the top with 22 percent.

The Kobra Smart is on its way


Since the “motorcycle-inspired” frame is made of stainless steel tubing, rust shouldn’t be a problem. This frame should also absorb road vibrations caused by bending. Other features of the Kobra include cruise control, regenerative braking, and integrated head and taillights (with brake lights).

If interested, the cobra is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Assuming production is reached, you get a Smart with a promise of 2,170 euros (about $ 2,615), while a climber will cost you 2,480 euros ($ 2,989). The planned retail prices are € 2,890 and € 3,310 ($ 3,483 and $ 3,989, respectively).

You can see both models in action in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

Cobra – awaken your instincts

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