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This course will help guide you, step by step, to create a healthier environment for your children. From diet and exercise to self-worth and social skills, find out how you can make your home life a joy. Starting with a foundation of healthy eating and how food affects your children’s mood and mental state along with their physical health, this course builds up to teaching your kids to think healthy for themselves. This course covers family health goal planning, nutrition, cooking some healthy meals, including getting a cookbook, and more.

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  • Access 28 lectures & 2.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what healthy eating is
  • Encourage your child to eat fruit & vegetables
  • Cook delicious recipes your kids will eat
  • Learn how to make exercise fun
  • Make meal planning benefit everyone

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Angela Poch | Life & health Coach, Counsellor, and Plant-Based Nutritionist

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Angela is a life coach, plant-based nutritionist, and counselor. Whether you are looking to improve your overall emotional wellbeing or physical health, Angela is here to help. From online courses to one-on-one sessions, her goal is to help you get the tools you need not just for your current dilemma but for a lifetime! Angela uses a collaborative approach, so expect to put some work into our sessions and be willing to do homework in-between.


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