Scooters And One Wheels

The electrical scooter service has expanded throughout Canterbury

The test zone for Canterbury’s electric scooter service is set to expand across the city starting today.

Micromobility operator Bird was founded in Canterbury last November and offers students a new way to travel between universities.

Canterbury Council is expanding its electric scooter service

Starting today, all authorized residents can download the app and use Bird’s electric scooters to get to where they need to go without a car.

Bird says it aims to make cities “more livable” by “helping to solve the” last mile “problem, where journeys are too short to be efficient on public transit but too long to be to go on foot “.

It is said that many of these journeys have traditionally been in cars and that the increased area of ​​use will allow more residents to leave their cars at home.

Bird scooters are regularly refurbished, and traveling on a scooter allows people to avoid other overcrowded transportation alternatives.

The new electric scooter zone in Canterbury

The new operating zone includes Kent and Canterbury Hospital, where Bird NHS staff is currently offering free travel to allow them to get around while keeping social distance from others.

Canterbury West and Canterbury East stations are also in the new operating zone so people can connect to the stations.

After the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, Bird in Canterbury will host a series of helmet safety events and giveaways.

The company says safety is a top priority and that initiatives like speed limits and no driving zones will be put in place.

Bird requires all riders to be over 18 years old and have a provisional or full driver’s license before they can ride.

All drivers agree to a safety arrangement with Bird, and those who do not act responsibly can be excluded from the app.

Canterbury Council is expanding its electric scooter service

Charlotte Bailey, General Manager of Bird UK, said: “We were overwhelmed by how popular our service has been in Canterbury with the thousands of students who already use it.

“We hope that this expansion can help Canterbury become less congested and polluted by giving everyone an alternative to driving, especially when we get back to work in the coming weeks and months. Bird has been working closely with the council worked together to ensure this expansion can best serve the people of Canterbury, so we’re excited to launch across the city today. “

How to use the system:

– Download the Bird app on your smartphone and create an account (you need to add your driver’s license or tentative to check your age).

-Open the app and find the closest bird

– Scan the code on top of the bird to unlock it and begin your journey

– Put on your helmet and enjoy the ride

-When you have reached your destination, find the closest approved parking zone and end the trip in the app

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