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The British Council chooses Lime for the e-scooter take a look at

Rochdale’s e-scooter test is gradually being expanded

Rochdale Borough Council (RBC) in Greater Manchester has selected micromobility provider Lime to conduct its upcoming e-scooter test.

The e-scooter test aims to make it easier for local residents to connect to transportation hubs and key locations, and to reduce reliance on cars for short journeys, which currently account for around half of journeys in the Rochdale district.

Performance-based extensions

The trial will initially cover Rochdale city center before extending outward to areas such as Castleton and Milnrow, with other performance-based expansions from Heywood and Littleborough. The duration is up to 12 months, with the option of an extension of six months, subject to the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport.

In collaboration with Rochdale Borough Council and Transport for Greater Manchester, Lime will initially launch 100 scooters before expanding the service to up to 500 scooters if there is sufficient demand. A step-by-step approach is used to minimize potential problems related to antisocial behavior and abuse and to ensure that Rochdale residents get the maximum benefit from them.

“I’m very excited about the start of this project,” said Councilor Sara Rowbotham, Rochdale Borough Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Sustainability.

“We like to do things differently here in Rochdale and this program is a new transportation option for people that will help reduce car journeys and make it easier for people to enjoy all that Rochdale city center has to offer in a unique way . “

“The Rochdale process is the second of its kind in the region and yet another example of Greater Manchester’s willingness to embrace future mobility.”

Lime’s planned investment and engagement initiatives under the study include the establishment of a Lime Community Hub office in downtown Rochdale and the provision of unlimited travel to key Rochdale employees as part of the global Lime Aid initiative.

“E-scooters have achieved great success in other countries and we are excited to support another e-scooter test in Greater Manchester,” added Conor Chaplin, Innovation Strategy Officer for Transport for Greater Manchester.

“The Rochdale process is the second of its kind in the region and yet another example of Greater Manchester’s willingness to embrace future mobility. It will further support our regional transport goals set out in the recently updated Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040, such as reducing traffic congestion, improving our air purification and improving connectivity with public transport hubs. “

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