The brand new Mavic 2 Enterprise Superior from DJI

DJI’s new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is the latest addition to DJI’s commercial fleet. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced “expands its predecessor with a variety of performance improvements,” says a press release from DJI.

The new version is a recognition that the powerful but small Mavic 2 Enterprise has been used for a wide variety of commercial applications, including drone inspections – an important industry for the commercial drone industry. With new features and accessories, DJI has developed a tool that is ideal for industrial inspection: telecommunications, cranes, construction and more.

“We found that our enterprise customers were often using the Mavic 2 Enterprise for industrial inspections where better accuracy and higher resolutions for thermal and visual sensors were key features of a good job. New key upgrades make the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced the ideal drone and indispensable tool for these types of complex inspections, ”said Christina Zhang, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy and Communications at DJI. “Inspection experts can pinpoint errors and anomalies in greater detail and perform operations and maintenance more effectively. Finally, first responders and firefighters can quickly locate victims, identify trouble spots and search for fire risks in order to create targeted rescue plans while ensuring the safety of personnel. “

DJI’s New Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced: Features

The latest offering from DJI includes advanced dual sensors with an HD camera with 640 × 512 pixels and a 48 megapixel image camera with a 1/2 ”CMOS sensor. The thermal imaging camera has a frame rate of 30 Hz and a temperature measurement accuracy of ± 2 ° C. “Pilots can switch between visual, thermal or shared feeds for different project requirements. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced can capture HD images and 4K video from a safe distance. The high-resolution camera sensors support 32x digital zoom and 16x thermal zoom, so operators can focus on the details that are important during aerial inspection missions, ”said a press release from DJI.

There are additional thermal features: and the new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced from DJI “can be equipped with a DJI RTK module that achieves centimeter-level accuracy and supports NTRIP, which makes it ideal for powerline inspections,” it says in the press release. “Operators can create up to 240 waypoints to perform automated, detailed inspection missions in complex environments. The lightweight and portable format of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced offers maximum agility as it can take off and speed through complex operating environments in less than a minute thanks to faster ascent and descent speeds. “

Security and Protection

Data protection is of paramount importance in the new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced: Local data mode is one of several ways that operators can ensure that their data is safe. “When enabled, local data mode prevents the DJI app from sending or receiving data over the internet. This offers operators of flights with critical infrastructure, government projects or other sensitive missions additional security guarantees. The radio link between the aircraft and the remote control has robust AES-256 encryption, ”says the press release.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced has 24 GB of built-in data storage and password protection. This provides additional security for the drone and its integrated data storage and protects the data even if the drone is physically at risk. “

Modular accessories to increase mission productivity

The new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced also includes useful accessories that increase mission productivity.

  • Headlights – The headlight with a brightness of 2,400 lumens supports operation at night and in poor light or complex daytime conditions such as fog and smoke.
  • speaker – A loudspeaker with a maximum projection of 100 decibels (1 meter away) can store multiple voice recordings and play clips in a loop to enable communication with ground teams in emergency situations for efficient operation.
  • beacon – The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced beacon was designed with the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Night Waiver standards in mind and has a brightly flashing lightning bolt that is visible from a distance of three miles. This helps pilots conduct missions much more safely in low light or at night, and provides additional airspace awareness to nearby drone and traditional aircraft operators.
  • DJI Smart Controller – The ultra-bright 5.5-inch 1080p display ensures a clear view even in direct sunlight.

Price and availability
The new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced can be pre-ordered from official DJI Enterprise dealers and will be shipped from the 1st quarter of 2021. Contact your local DJI Enterprise partner for pricing details and purchase information.

DJI Enterprise Dealer Card: https://www.dji.com/where-to-buy/enterprise-dealers

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