The brand new ISMPELL HM3 sensor 108MP from Samsung gives higher autofocus and low gentle output

Samsung today launched the Galaxy S21 series smartphones. The star of the show is the Galaxy S21 Ultra for good reasons. It contains top-notch smartphone hardware, but also serves as the debut platform for Samsung’s latest camera innovation – the 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM3 sensor This includes a number of notable upgrades and new tricks for even better output in terms of image sharpness, dynamic range, and most importantly, autofocus performance.

Super PD Plus technology dramatically improves autofocus performance for moving subjects

The ISOCEL HM3 is a 1 / 1.33-inch sensor that uses 0.8 μm pixels and performs 9-in-1 Nonacell pixel binning to provide 12 MP images. The biggest upgrade, however, is the introduction of a new technology called Super PD Plus to improve autofocus stability. “Super PD Plus adds AF-optimized microlenses over the phase detection focusing means, increasing the measurement accuracy of the means by 50 percent,” explains Samsung. The company adds that its latest innovation ensures this Moving subjects are always in focus and low-light performance is also improved.

Image: Samsung

In addition, the ISOCELL HM3 has another trick called Smart ISO Pro, which Samsung defines as HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging technology based on an iDCG (Dual Conversion Gain) solution within the scene. When it comes to action, it clicks on two low and high ISO frames and then combines them for a sharper image with 12-bit color depth and less noise. This approach is different from many other sensors. Images with different exposure values ​​are merged.

Smart ISO Pro merges two images with different ISO values ​​for a color depth of 12 bits

The sensor also uses A dedicated low-noise mode designed to improve photosensitivity by up to 50% to take brighter and more detailed photos in low light conditions. Samsung also claims to have reduced the power consumption in preview mode thanks to the new sensor design for ISOCELL HM3, which is already in mass production.

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