The 2023 Premium Study to Code Certification Bundle


Programs – and their associated algorithms – generally exist to solve real-world problems that we face every day. While present in every major industry, modern medicine is one where the digital revolution has changed everything about how doctors approach treating patients.

In this course, you’ll use Python to create a text-based medical bot that walks users through diagnosing dehydration. Along the way, you’ll practice key aspects of creating algorithms, master principles of software project management, and even discover the real-world impacts such programs have.

Regardless of what industry you think has problems to solve, this project will ensure you can both implement your ideas and apply your knowledge of algorithms in complex programming situations.

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  • Access 17 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Manage coding projects
  • Design & implement algorithms
  • Create decision-based questionnaires
  • Process output & user input
  • Test algorithm logic thoroughly
  • Understand societal & data implications


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