The 2022 Full Renewable Power Engineer Preparation Bundle


In this course, you will learn about different types of electrical generators used in wind turbines, how to control them, and how to produce maximum power. The course will cover topics such as the aerodynamics of wind turbines, pitch control, stall control, and maximum power point tracking. You will also learn about different algorithms used to control the power output of wind turbines, such as the tip speed ratio (TSR) control, optimal torque control (OT), and power signal feedback (PSF) control.

  • Access 18 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the aerodynamics of wind turbines
  • Learn about pitch-controlled, passive stall controlled, & active stall controlled wind turbines
  • Learn about maximum power point tracking in wind turbines
  • Know tip speed ratio (TSR) control, optimal torque control (OT) MPPT algorithm, & more

Ahmed Mahdy | Khadija Academy

4.4/5 Instructor Rating:
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Ahmed Mahdy is an electrical power engineer and an online instructor at more than 9 platforms. He founded “Khadija Academy”, a website for electrical engineering courses. He has a YouTube educational engineering channel called “Khadija Academy” and regularly posts videos related to electrical engineering. He’s also an author on Amazon Kindle with 6 books about electrical engineering. In 2018, Udemy awarded him as one of the top 10% most engaging instructors.


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