Superior Air Mobility Market: Passenger drones for air taxis

Ehang passenger drone

A recent report by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and global consulting firm Deloitte predicts that the U.S. advanced air mobility market could reach $ 115 billion and create 280,000 jobs by 2035 – if handled properly.

“Advanced Air Mobility: Can the US Afford to Lose the Race?” says the emerging industry “is expected to become mainstream by the 2030s” and that “US aerospace and defense (A&D) companies stand ready to lead the emerging global industry”.

Advanced air mobility, the next disruption in aerospace

Passenger drones, air taxis, cargo drones and more make up the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market. Over the past year, AAM companies have received large investments and seen tremendous growth in test projects ranging from aerial tours to high-rise firefighting. The benefits of AAM in the effort to create greener modes of transport and reduce traffic jams are clear. So far, however, the vast majority of pilot projects have taken place outside of the United States

“Our industry is about to take the next big step in aerospace technology,” said Eric Fanning, President and CEO of AIA. “By defining a national strategy in AAM, we have the potential to give the US a major competitive advantage in the world market and to realize new national security advantages, including new transportation options for our troops and cargo. US leadership in this emerging aerospace technology is critical to strengthening our economy and innovation in America. “

It’s a high-stakes race, but “the global race for the AAM leadership is intensifying and the US faces stiff competition from China, Germany and South Korea,” says Deloitte. To be competitive, the US will need to conduct AAM trials soon and begin developing appropriate infrastructure and regulations.

“The use of AAM requires a sustained, collaborative approach between the private and public sectors to drive the adoption and adoption of eVTOL aircraft sooner rather than later,” said Robin Lineberger, Deloitte Global and US A&D Ladder. “With the market forecast to grow seven-fold between 2025 and 2035, it is important for US politicians and industries to work together now to ensure American leadership in this transformative emerging sector.”

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