Stowaway Fillet Methods- L | XL


The Toadfish Stowaway Fillet System combines both the Fillet Knife and Folding Cutting Board. The clever Stowaway Folding Fillet Knife combines the high-end performance and ergonomics of a full-length fixed knife with the safety and versatility of a folding knife. The Stowaway Cutting Board fits easily into kitchen drawers, boat boxes, tackle bags, or travel packs without the need for a bulky sheath.


Folding Fillet Knife Features

  • Full-Length Ergonomic Handle
  • Salt-Tough Titanium Corrosion-Resistant Components
  • Titanium Coated Salt-Tough Blade. 7″ or 8.5″ size options.
  • Non-Slip Raised Rib Rubber Grip
  • Stowaway Carabiner
  • Patents pending

Stowaway Folding Cutting Board

  • Magnetic closure
  • Built-in 2-stage knife sharpener – includes a carbide section for setting a sharp edge on dull blades and a ceramic section to finely hone and finish the edge
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Constructed from solid, non-porous, high-density polyethylene material for safe food handling
  • Patents pending
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reg Size: Unfolded Dimensions 12 x 16 –Folded Dimensions 3 x 16 x 1.5″
  • XL Size: Unfolded Dimensions 14 x 22 –Folded Dimensions 3.5 x 22 x 1.5″

Neoprene Carry Case

  • Designed to easily and safely transport both your fillet knife and cutting board.

Handle with care, sharp object.

Fillet Knife: Patent Pending filed date 07/27/2020
Cutting Board: Patent Pending filed date 07/27/2020



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