Scooters And One Wheels

St Paul Council OKs Spin scooter service. It begins this summer time.

The St. Paul City Council approved an agreement with a new e-scooter sharing service Wednesday. The scooters should be hitting the streets this summer.

Spin, a San Francisco-based company started in 2016, provides cities with dockless scooters accessed by smartphones. The company is required to have a minimum of 150 scooters available for use in St. Paul, and may operate up to a maximum of 800 scooters, according to the St. Paul scooter sharing agreement.

This follows the recent approval of Lime in St. Paul, which allowed the rollout of their green scooters across St. Paul earlier this month.

All council members were in favor of the motion. The agreement will continue in affect until December 2022 with the option to renew for four additional one-year terms.

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