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Spotify Mixes creates your favourite playlists for you

Spotify introduces mixes that start with the songs you like and update with songs Spotify thinks you will love. The new feature will be rolled out to users of the app worldwide today. Spotify Mixes is inspired by Daily Mix, the company’s favorite personalized playlist among users.

At its Stream On event last month, the company announced that it would continue to develop and expand the Daily Mix family. It is said that more playlists will be added that are increasingly tailored to the user and that these will evolve over time. Hence, you will get more recommendations to choose from based on your mood and interest. Spotify Mixes will be launched worldwide for Free and Premium users.

“There isn’t just one Spotify experience. There are actually more than 345 million different Spotify experiences – one for each listener. Every day, half a billion events take place on Spotify – whether they are searching, listening, liking or countless other actions – that support and control our machine learning system. This gives us the opportunity to advance discovery in ways that audio has never seen before, ”said Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s chief R&D officer.

Spotify Mixes will have three new mix categories: Artist Mix, Genre Mix and Decade Mix. Each Mix Category contains multiple playlists of artists, genres, and decades that users listen to frequently. Spotify says that every mix is ​​made with the user at its core. It is based on their listening habits and the artists, genres and decades they listen to the most. Not only will you hear your favorite artists, but you will also hear your favorite songs from those artists.

Additionally, the company adds songs that it thinks you would love. That way, your playlist can be filled with the music you’ve been repeating along with some new tips. In addition, every mix is ​​updated regularly, which offers endless possibilities and always has something new to discover.

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