Speck Presidio Excellent Clear for Z Flip Three and Fold 3: 13-foot drop safety for Samsung’s latest

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 are fantastic flip phones with an IPX8 water resistance and a lower price than the years before. These two phones are still very expensive and deserve some protection, especially if you manipulate them with a fold or flip action to use their main inner displays.

Speck is one of my favorite case manufacturers, largely due to the fact that most of their cases offer 13-foot drop test certification and an improved tactile feel on the phone. Its latest case offerings, the Speck Presidio Perfect Clear Fold for the Z Flip 3 and Presidio Perfect Clear Fold for the Z Fold 3, are clear, one-piece protective covers that provide drop protection for up to 13 feet. I assume most people will drop their phone from a three to four foot range, but it’s nice to know that there is some leeway for corner and back protection.

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Both cases have similar design elements, so we’ll cover common features first. The Z Flip 3 case is $ 59.95 and the Z Fold 3 case is $ 64.95. This makes sense because the Z Fold 3 case is larger than the Z Flip 3 case, but the amount of material on the case is about the same as the front part of the Z Fold 3 is mostly just a minimal frame around the large display to cover.

The casings are only available in a clear version and Speck’s Perfect Clear coating was developed to resist yellowing and discoloration. If you happen to have one of the new Samsung foldable bars in a different color, you might want to show off that color. So it’s great to see these bacon casings support that desire.

Each case has a one-piece design and you simply slide the phone into the case and edit the edges of the case. The two halves are connected on two edges with flexible material, while the Samsung hinges remain open. It will be interesting to see how well this hinge connection works on the case after months of use, but the case is backed by a lifetime warranty, so Speck believes it will withstand opening and closing. This flexible material extends around the entire top edge of the phone case so that there is a tactile edge when the case is opened. This raised edge allows you to lay your phone face down when you open it and relax knowing it won’t slide off the surface. This design then also creates a quick access groove along the edges of the closed phone, making it much easier for you to open any phone.

A nice feature of Bacon’s Presidio line is the Microban treatment. This means that the cases have an antimicrobial treatment with Microban, which enables a 99% reduction in the bacteria that can stain and odor on your phone. This treatment is built into the case so that it remains in the case for the life of the case.

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On the case of the Z Flip 3 there are raised buttons for volume control with an opening for the on / off / fingerprint sensor. This design enhances your ability to easily target the fingerprint sensor with your phone in the case. There is a long opening on the Z Fold 3 case so you can press the native volume buttons and power / fingerprint sensor directly.

On the back there is also a perfectly designed opening for the rear camera array. There’s also a bit of tough plastic angled from the back to the camera array. On the Z Flip 3, Speck has an expanded opening that contains space for the small cover display, but the angled design is the same. There are also openings for microphones, speakers and the USB-C port in the housing.

While the raised edges protect the display when open, this edge does not affect your ability to fully access and use the display. Wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, and Samsung Pay are all fully functional when your phone is in the cases. There is very little weight added to these cases, and Speck did a great job designing them while offering a pretty reasonable price point for protecting your expensive new phones.

If you are looking for a case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Z Fold 3, I recommend the Speck Presidio Perfect Clear Fold. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will even receive a 30% discount on your first order from Speck. The case comes with a lifetime warranty and will easily outlast your phone while protecting it from accidental drops and bumps.

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