Sony improve expands digital camera SDK for drone imaging

Source: Sony

Electronics giant Sony today introduced an upgrade to camera support that could revolutionize the mapping and imaging of drones.

The company’s imaging division is releasing the new full-frame camera support solution with updated SDK, app library, and support for use with Sony Alpha-range full-frame mirrorless cameras.

According to a Sony spokesman, the new solution “enables companies to combine the sensitivity, resolution, speed, size, lens placement and lower cost of a full-frame mirrorless camera with the programmability and control functions for multiple cameras of an industrial module.”

The new offering combines an updated version of Sony’s full-frame camera software development kit (SDK) with a web resource from the European imaging division to improve imaging application development. SDK upgrades include additions to the application library and support for multi-camera operation.

Full frame mirrorless cameras offer a superior range of lenses over their industrial counterparts and use a larger (35mm) sensor that doubles the sensor area over APS-C cameras. The improvement increases the surface area by more than seven times that of an industrial camera with a 1-inch sensor, which in turn improves the resolution without reducing the pixel size and sensitivity.

For the drone industry, the solution could foster a range of use cases including agriculture, surveying, construction, and mining.

“There’s no need to compromise with this new solution,” said Yasuo Baba, Director Digital Imaging at Sony Europe BV. “And it’s an integral part of Sony’s long-term vision. Sony’s Alpha range is the world’s most trusted mirrorless camera. This new step helps back it up with the best software and support. “

“In this way, we want to make it easier and faster for companies in e-commerce and other B2B sectors to automate every part of the imaging process.”

Software development kit

The updated SDK (version 1.03) optimizes practically all facets of the camera and lens that are to be controlled and automated. including white balance, resolution, image compression, zoom, focus and video triggering.

As part of the upgrade, the SDK receives multi-camera functionality, so that several pictures of a subject can be taken from different angles and the camera can be controlled via Ethernet via a USB server.

The upgrade also expands the range of cameras that support the SDK, including the addition of lighter and more robust models that use monocoque constructions, improved moisture-resistant designs, and more robust housings that better protect the device’s electrical contacts and better protect against vibration and shock physical loads absorb impact.

In addition, Sony has expanded the operating systems that the SDK can run on, adding macOS, the dominant operating system for e-commerce photography, alongside Windows and Linux.

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