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Scooter sharing service Xingxing joins the rising e-bike market

[Photo by Lee Seung-hwan]

PUMP, the Korean operator of the e-scooter sharing app Xingxing, announced on Tuesday that it will launch an e-bike sharing service in Daegu City from March next year and expand its mobility service limit to almost all age groups in Korea.

The company announced that it would run a pilot project as part of a municipal intelligent mobility program and, based on the project results, decide whether to expand the e-bike sharing service across the country.

According to the original plan, users can rent an e-bike for the existing Xingxing app for the same fee as scooters during the project period.

Xingxing is a major e-scooter sharing service in Korea with over 10,000 of its own units and 9,000 units that have been in operation since October. The expansion of the business from scooters to e-bikes reflects the market dynamics as middle-aged people resort to bicycles for transportation, while younger generations prefer scooters.

Competition is expected to be fierce as more companies join the market for e-bike sharing services.

Kakao Mobility’s Kakao T Bike, launched last March, has already grown into a 6,000-unit company, and Nine2one’s Elecle, a startup invested by Socar, operates 2,000 units.

The Hyundai Motor Company operates a pilot e-scooter and e-bike sharing service by setting up its own mobility platform ZET. In August last year, the company launched 30 e-scooters and 80 e-bikes in Jeju to launch a micro-mobility sharing service. The mobility start-up Maas Asia teamed up with Mesh Korea, the operator of the delivery service app “VROONG”, in April last year to expand its delivery business system with e-bikes.

By Oh Dae-seok and Minu Kim

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