Scooters And One Wheels

“Scooter idiots are a recipe for catastrophe”

I notice more and more electric scooters on the streets and sidewalks that are ridden irregularly.

It is a criminal offense under UK law to drive one of these on streets, sidewalks and sidewalks. However, this doesn’t stop people from driving them, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

These idiots just have a “I can do what I want and I don’t care who gets hurt.”

An idiot almost knocked a woman down on one of them near the Doctors at St. Hilary Brow on Broadway in Wallasey today.

My advice to people when walking or driving on the sidewalk please be careful and careful with them as they usually appear out of nowhere at great speed.

This will now be the new norm that has to constantly come to terms with these death traps.

Name and address given

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