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Scooter champion Bianca Dilworth broke boundaries – now she needs extra women within the sport

If you walk past a skate park in Brisbane, you will likely see an Australian scooter champion at work.

You may not know her or her name, but in 2019 Bianca Dilworth finished third at the World Championships in Barcelona – and she has another three Australian titles under her belt.

Brisbane’s scooter champion has come a long way since her mother first gave her a scooter for her eighth birthday – from a girl with a grazed face and split knees to a world scooter competitor and soon to be a scooter judge.

Bianca took part in the 2019 World Scooter Championship in Barcelona. (

Delivered: Bianca Dilworth


“At the time my mother was studying, she would trip me every time she had to study [to the skate park] and sit here from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and [I’d] just drive all weekend, “said Dilworth.

“I was one of the few nine-year-old girls who actually did tricks.

“But as I got older, more and more girls got into the sport and started riding and competing, which is really good.”

Bianca Dilworth and her mother Sylvia Gamgee at the Australasian Scooter Championships 2018. (

Delivered: Bianca Dilworth


Dilworth is now 17 years old and has completed 12th grade. Dilworth’s priorities are study in order to pass exams for a potential career in law.

But she’ll still roll the scooter out in a park, test her skills – grinds, bri flips, tailwhips, heel rewinds – and keep her hand.

“Ballerina on a scooter”

Her style, she says, is one thing she is known for – sleek, clean, and elegant, focusing less on the more flashy, risky tricks than on precision.


Her mother describes it as a “ballerina on a scooter,” Dilworth said.

“In 2019 I went to the World Roller Games in Barcelona and managed to get third place. That was a very good experience,” she said.

“It was an open pro-women division so … I was the youngest or one of the youngest participants at the time.

“The Australian and Queensland competitions have always existed, but 2019 was the first time women were invited to the world championships.

“It was incredible for me because I was one of the first to compete in it. [I’m] forever grateful. “

More and more girls and young women are pushing for scooter rides, both for leisure and for competition, with skate parks no longer being dominated by men.

It’s a change that Dilworth welcomes.

“There aren’t a lot of girls involved. It’s growing and I hope to see it growing,” she said.

“I think girls feel like it’s a boy-dominated sport.

“Maybe they are a little intimidated, but I think if you want to do something just do it and you will surely get there.”

Message for aspiring scooter champions

Dilworth’s next move in relation to the scooter is not in the competition ring, but off it.

Redcliffe teenager Bianca Dilworth, who finished third in the Roller Division of the World Roller Games in 2019.

ABC Brisbane: Sally Eeles


She will judge upcoming Australasian Scooter Association competitions in Queensland and share her expertise with the scooter community.

And for young girls watching their Instagram videos hoping to be the next champion, Dilworth has simple advice:

“Just go for it, do your best, put all your time and effort into it, and if you want it, you will get it. Follow your dreams.”

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