Scientific Calculator with Erasable LCD Writing Pill


The newYES NY-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator is a lightweight, ultra-portable scientific calculator with a long-lasting battery. The solar-charged LCD writing tablet can be used as an easy-to-use solution for everyday calculations and storing notes. Simply write or draw something on it and when you are done it returns back as a whiteboard ready for your next idea. The calculator’s ergonomic design includes an auto power-off feature, so you never have to worry about draining your batteries waiting for the unit to turn off by itself.

  • Lightweight. Carry it in your pocket & can be quickly removed so that you can use immediately when needed
  • LCD writing tablet. Enables you to take notes during calculation
  • Solar energy. Take free energy from the sun & use it to power your calculator
  • Replaceable coin battery. Reliable power source for your calculating needs
  • Foldable & dustproof design. Built w/ a cover to protect your calculator from dusts, dirt, etc.
  • Anti-drop body. No need to worry about the damage by accidentally falling


  • Fraction calculations
  • Combination & permutation
  • Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, standard deviation, regression analysis)
  • 9 variables
  • Table function
  • Equation calculations
  • Integration/differential calculations
  • Matrix calculations
  • Vector calculations
  • Complex number calculations
  • CALC function
  • SOLVE function
  • Base- n calculation


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