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Sangram Singh is selling Aslov Automotives Pvt Ltd.’s electrical scooter

May 12, 2021 12:55 PM IS

New Delhi [India]May 12 (ANI / ThePRTree): Aslov Automotives Pvt Ltd is taking a step towards a greener environment by launching Hyena M1, an electric scooter that encourages people to switch to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint reduce. International wrestler Sangram Singh contributes to the good deed by promoting the automobile company and its cause.
Sangram supports the company’s step towards sustainable development and uses its audience to understand the importance and use of electric mobility and therefore to turn to it to protect the environment. “Making products is not the most environmentally friendly choice, but it is a great way to make something incredibly useful as a solution to an unsolved problem,” says the wrestler, expressing his opinion.
Aslov Automotives Private Limited with offices in Pune and Bhopal is an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer. They procure a high-quality, low-maintenance selection of electric vehicles for their customers and want to optimize the way automobiles work. With a current annual build limit of 4,800 motorcycles, they intend to double their build limit soon.

Mohit, CEO of the company, said of what lies ahead of us in the company: “Hyena M1 is offered in a variety of ranges, from 60 km per charge to 150 km per charge. The company is aiming to roll out 2000 units in the first year Dealer assignments are open to major cities in India. “He added,” The Hyena M1 is now available for reservation across India. “
The organization has an in-house OEM unit which, unlike various brands, allows for strong post-processing and support with extras. The organization and people associated with it are based on the ethos of value and moderation and expect electrical versatility to be open and accessible to all. In terms of quality, they agree that buyers should be able to get even better value for money in terms of the portability of electricity. They also guarantee an extravagant experience, regardless of whether it is about style, development or article fulfillment.
The company offers an industry leading eight year mechanical warranty on the frame and body of the electric scooter. This scooter was built with full localization in mind and is available in eight bright colors. Certainly it is capable of manifesting a change in the way people choose their vehicles in hopes of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle.
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