Samsung’s Fast Share will likely be obtainable quickly for Home windows 10

Samsung’s Quick Share has been available for some time as it was announced back in February 2020 along with the Galaxy S20 series. This feature was originally a sharing service for sending photos, videos, and files between users who own one of the latest Samsung Galaxy flagships. However, the service should find its way to Windows 10 PCs.

If there is one feature that I love most about Apple devices is AirDrop. This is extremely convenient as you can transfer files from one Apple device to another without any restrictions. Yes, Android devices have Bluetooth, but it’s not necessarily as fast or effective as Apple’s option. However, Samsung seems to have a solution to this problem as it launched Quick Share for Windows 10 along with Microsoft.

“With (Samsung) Quick Share, launched on Samsung mobile devices a few months ago, you can quickly share photos, videos, documents and more on phones with the Galaxy One UI 2 on board. You can use the Quick Share feature to share content with nearby devices using Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, or SmartThings supported devices. The application is now also arriving on Windows 10 and will of course further improve the sharing experience between Android and Windows 10 PC. “

Fast sharing in Windows 10 enables users who own a Samsung Galaxy device to quickly exchange files between their mobile devices and their PCs. However, there’s no idea when the app can be released, and it’s not currently available in the Microsoft Store. So don’t confuse it with Samsung’s Quick Search app.

This new feature may not be as convenient as the AirDrop feature on Apple devices, but it will at least be a first step towards integrating these ecosystems. But now we have to wait for Quick Share to become available as existing alternatives are not as fast or efficient.

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