Samsung will take away the equipped charger for added smartphones sooner or later

So the deed is done. Samsung has decided to ditch the included charging adapter from the Galaxy S21 series retail package to follow in Apple’s footsteps. The reason? Well, because accessories like a charger help create more electronic waste. However, the Galaxy S21 won’t be the only device that gets the treatment without a charger in the box Samsung will expand this strategy to other devices in the foreseeable future.

Samsung is catalyzing an industry-wide trend started by Apple

When answering a question about removing chargers and headphones from the retail package, Samsung’s Patrick Chomet mentioned that the strategy is a mix of consumer behavior and the company’s commitment to a sustainable future. “We believe that gradually removing charging plugs and headphones from our device packaging can help solve sustainable consumption issues and relieve the pressure consumers feel when they continually receive unnecessary charger accessories with new phones,” said Chomet in one joint Q&A from Samsung.

He added more to the conversation, mentioning that there are many users who now prefer to reuse accessories from an older device and make responsible choices. “We noticed that more and more Galaxy users are reusing existing accessories and making sustainable choices in their daily lives to encourage better recycling habits. To help our Galaxy community along the way, we’re removing the charger plug and headphones from our latest Galaxy smartphones, ”said Chomet, who currently serves as corporate executive vice president and head of the customer experience office at Samsung Electronics. according to his LinkedIn profile.

Samsung is cutting the price of its 25W charger, but you still have to pay extra cash

However, the decision leaves out buyers who don’t necessarily have a charger at home. Given the above situation, Samsung has cut the price of its 25W charger from $ 35 to $ 19. However, you still have to pay extra for a phone that costs north of $ 800. Xiaomi has also decided to ditch the charger from its newest flagship – the Mi 11. However, it is the company Buyers can choose between two packages with or without a charger at no additional cost. And this is a much better implementation in my opinion than what Samsung and Apple are doing.

Nadeem Sarwar

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