Samsung will launch three forms of foldable telephones in 2021, the OLED analysis company says

At this point in time, it is pretty obvious that Samsung is giving foldable phones a big boost, and it will likely stay that way through 2021. We’ve heard rumors of a new foldable clamshell phone, a successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and a cheaper foldable phone. Now the folks at OLED research firm UBI Research (via The Elec) have claimed that Samsung will be bringing out three types of foldable smartphone models next year.

The report adds that Samsung Electronics’ sister company Samsung Display reportedly makes three types of foldable OLED panels. This is a clear sign that the South Korean electronics giant will launch at least three foldable phones over the next year. All three devices are said to use the in-house UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) solution, which is considered stronger and better suited for foldable smartphones and is already used for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Galaxy Z Fold Lite reportedly arrives in the first quarter of 2021!

Samsung has not yet announced its plans for foldable phones for the coming year, but the three foldable phones mentioned above, which will arrive next year, are expected to debut Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 with a clamshell design and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite. The Galaxy Z Fold Lite is set to debut in the first quarter of 2021, while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be released in the third quarter.

The report adds some details on the screen specs and adds that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 has a 6.7-inch internal display that is similar to its predecessor The cover display is now much larger, measuring 3 inches diagonally. The magnification makes the latter avenue more useful than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G’s tiny external display. The Galaxy Z Fold Lite has a foldable interior display that measures around 7 inches, while the cover display measures around 4 inches when measured diagonally.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 debuts in the third quarter of 2021

UBI Research also notes that the foldable inner panel of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 measures around 7 inches, while the display of the external cover is in the range of 4 inches. The last part of the prediction is a bit of a surprise given that the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s external display is much larger at 6.2 inches. So treat this with a pinch of skepticism.

The report adds that the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s screen will also be equipped with low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) thin film transistors (TFT) for greater energy efficiency. Even more important is the foldable flagship has pen support and may have a camera under the display that is hidden from your eyes when not in use.

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