Samsung Galaxy XCover Professional: Microsoft Groups Walkie Talkie Expertise and Knox Seize Launch

Earlier this summer, I tested a few Samsung XCover Pro phones with Verizon’s Push To Talk Plus solution. The XCover Pro is a solid, rugged phone optimized for the field worker in a form factor that isn’t bulky or unwieldy.

Today the Galaxy XCover Pro is unlocked from Samsung or Microsoft and available directly from AT&T and Verizon. You can buy the phone in bulk from Samsung and even save 15% on purchase, so each phone is $ 424.99 instead of $ 499.99. The XCover Pro is a perfect phone for retail, public safety, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing. It offers mPOS support, a replaceable battery, and the durability to withstand day-to-day field work.

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Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

Last month I was sent updated devices to test Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie service, which was activated for some hands-on experience. I’m not a Verizon customer, and very few people in my engineering office think that push-to-talk solutions haven’t been particularly useful to me. However, Microsoft Teams are the backbone of how we communicate between employees and have proven to be essential in this time of remote working.

Combining standard team functionality with a seamless push-to-talk solution was a brilliant move by Samsung and Microsoft. The walkie talkie’s performance is reliable and very easy to use during my testing phase. Teams can typically be used with chat, sharing documents and photos, and other communication with the workforce.

With the Walkie Talkie feature, you simply select a channel, tap the large Connect button on the screen to tune into that channel, then use the left XCover button on the phone to communicate with members of that channel. Communication is clear and instantaneous, like a radio. Even better, however, there is no crosstalk or eavesdropping concern as only people within that particular channel are part of those voice conversations.

Unlike a two-way radio, Microsoft Teams walkie talkie works worldwide over a WiFi or cellular connection, so you can easily communicate with your remote team. You can also text chat on the open Walkie Talkie channel as there may be situations where speech is not the best option, such as: E.g. when you are dealing with a customer and need support.

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I have a team of inspectors at a shipyard and using Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie for surveys and testing is a perfect use case that allows engineers in the office to troubleshoot in real time. Inspectors can share photos and videos while engineers review specifications and cut sheets.

Walkie Talkie is part of all paid team commercial licenses. There is no need to add or subscribe to this feature. For the solution to work, users need to connect their Microsoft 365 license to their XCover Pro device via administrator management. Once the hardware is connected to the software, an IT administrator can program the XCover’s hardware keys using the Samsung Knox Service Plugin section of an EMM solution to use the Walkie Talkie app in teams. After completing these two steps, the solution is ready to use.

Samsung Knox Capture

Last week Samsung introduced Knox Capture for the Galaxy XCover Pro. This solution, powered by Scandit, turns the XCover Pro camera into a barcode scanner without the need for any additional accessory or add-on for the phone.

Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandia stated:

We are very pleased with our recent collaboration with Samsung. It has brought to market an easy-to-implement integrated solution for businesses that want scanning tools to be put in the pockets of frontline workers right away. For off the shelf scanning requirements, this is a surefire way to increase employee performance and productivity. For businesses, it is also a foundation for advanced computer vision capabilities that Scandit provides by working directly with customers alongside Samsung to support their digital transformation journey.

During this time of global pandemic, package delivery and hospital handling have increased significantly. With a portable and rugged solution like the XCover Pro, frontline workers can quickly activate the camera’s scanner function and get the job done quickly and accurately.

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