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Samsung Galaxy S21 unpacked & leaks reveal so much! (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S20 +, Alienware monitors, and more are on sale today

M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, the latest iPad Air, and more are live

Let’s start the year with deals as we know we are approaching Samsung Unpacked which means there are a good number of Samsung deals out there. If you’re looking for a Galaxy device and have another device to swap, Samsung’s Black Friday deals are still on, so the Galaxy Z Fold goes for $ 1000. You can also get the Note 20 series for just $ 400 or the S20 Ultra for $ 600, but again, you’ll need a suitable device to trade. If you don’t have a device to return, there’s always Amazon. You can currently save the Galaxy S20 FE for $ 100, down from $ 600. The Note 20 Ultra costs $ 200 and is $ 1100. If you want the Galaxy S20 Ultra, that’s $ 300 less than $ 1100. On some Apple offerings, the 16-inch MacBook Pro costs $ 200, which means it starts at $ 2200 for 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. We have more deals on iPads, Razer peripherals, and more under the links in the description.

OnePlus gives us our first official look at the upcoming fitness band

Let’s talk about OnePlus now that we know the company has been working to join the wearables market. Rumors are more specific about a smartwatch, but it looks like they’re going to launch something beforehand. Some rumors about a OnePlus band surfaced last week and now we have the company’s official Twitter confirming it. The tweet reads, “This year we’re here to help you meet all of your fitness goals and make your life easier.” It shows a slight angle of the lower left corner of the tape. This fitness band will reportedly bring an AMOLED display with multiple days of battery life and debut for the first time in India for $ 40. Some leaked renders from Twitter show that we’re going to get three different colorways, black, orange, and blue, and it kind of looks like the OPPO band. We don’t know when we’re going to get this band, but with the 9 series in a couple of months we could bring them together.

Huawei is working on a Kirin 9010 SoC, which is based on a 3 nm process

Let’s get to Huawei and some very interesting developments, knowing that 2020 was not an easy year for the company. We know Huawei has faced some major roadblocks in the past few years since the ban, but it hasn’t stopped the company from delivering good phones and chips. According to a tipster on Twitter, Huawei’s next chip will be the Kirin 9010 and will be based on a 3-nm process. For reference, the Kirin 9000 and 9000E SoCs are both based on a 5nm processor, as well as major flagship chips on the market like the A14 and Snapdragon 888. And that’s pretty big business like we did a few weeks ago explained how Apple was researching 3nm processors as well, but that wouldn’t happen until 2022 and this year they would only be upgrading to 4nm processors. We currently have no confirmation of this information and Huawei is still facing pretty big challenges with its US ban, which has resulted in a lack of accessories for them. With their own CEO claiming that last year might have been Kirin’s flagship chips last year. So yeah, let’s take that with a grain of salt, but it would be great to see if it actually happens.

Two foldable iPhone designs reportedly passed internal durability tests

Let’s start with Apple for a couple of segments and let’s start with leaflets, even though I may be skeptical of the idea with you. Last week we heard some rumors from Jon Prosser claiming that Cupertino had tested two different designs for a foldable iPhone, and apparently those test results are in. According to the Economic Daily News, Apple tested two foldable designs at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, with positive results for both designs. They claim the tests were done to see if the hinge system for both devices would withstand daily use and both passed. According to Prosser, these two devices consist of a hinged dual display module as well as a new clamshell that would compete with the Z Flip and the RAZR. This clamshell would supposedly bring one of Samsung’s flexible OLED panels as it appears they have already sent some samples to Apple for early testing. Finally, Prosser claims that we’ll have to wait at least until the end of 2022 or 2023 to see a foldable iPhone, so we’ll see if the rumors keep growing.

Let’s keep talking about Apple, upcoming products, and the company’s projected timeline in 2021. According to Ming Chi Kuo’s latest research report, Apple plans to release the long-awaited AirTags, an “unspecified” augmented reality device, and other products this year. If you weren’t careful, AirTags are Apple’s tile-like item trackers that you can use to keep track of your belongings through the Find My app. Prosser just shared some renders of the AirTags, which are reportedly made by a software developer at Apple and have a very clean and polished look that looks pretty similar to the renders shown earlier. Prosser claims the AirTags are ready in terms of production but have been delayed due to the pandemic. Back to Kuo, when it comes to the augmented reality device, Apple is reportedly working on reality headsets, glasses, or both, but Kuo didn’t specify which one we would get, but we do know that iPhones and iPads have AR capabilities too So it could just mean that we’re getting new features for the iPhones. Finally, Kuo added that Cupertino plans to bring out new AirPods, more Apple Silicon Macs, and their first devices with mini-LED displays, which should be a new 12.9-inch iPad and some MacBook models. Let’s see what devices we get at the March event, because all of these products sound really great.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leak has new pictures and specs

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Leak shows that the additional pen has a fresh design

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series camera details have been leaked again

Today’s hottest news continues to be Samsung, but we still have a lot to unpack today. Let’s start with the fact that the company sent out press invitations for the Unpacked event, which will take place on January 14th. The invitation now bears the title “Welcome to everyday epic” and contains a rotating cube in which the camera hump of the S21 hovers. It actually looks pretty cool. When it comes to the S21 Ultra, we expect a 6.8-inch 120 Hz display powered by the Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 with 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage. When it comes to the cameras, we have some new, official looking renders from Evan Blass detailing the cameras. Since this is the Ultra, it will include a 108MP main sensor, 2 10M telephotos, 12MP Ultra-Wide, a 40MP selfie shooter and a laser auto focus. In conclusion, let’s talk about the S Pen as it was one of the biggest rumors of the year as rumors suggested that Samsung would get rid of the Note line. Now we have some new renders from WinFuture that claim the S Pen is sold separately and you will need to carry it in a special case. Judging by the renders, this S Pen is more similar to what you get with Samsung tablets, rather than the Note series with the rounded top. The S Pen reportedly sells for around $ 50, and we don’t have a word on the case’s price yet. The S21 Ultra is reportedly going to cost around $ 1299 and yes, no charger or headphones in the box.

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