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Samsung Galaxy S21 is not getting cheaper in every single place? (Video)

M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Android Phones and More Deals

You already know how to do it. Let’s start today’s deals with some M1 Macs as I can blindly recommend these. If you’re looking for a MacBook Pro, the 13-inch M1 model costs $ 69, while 256GB of storage ships for $ 1,230. The Mac Mini costs $ 60 and is just $ 639. However, these offers are only valid for today. If you’re looking for a OnePlus smartphone, the brand new 8T is available for around $ 20. The 12 GB RAM, 256 GB storage, and Lunar Silver variants cost $ 730. If you are looking for a Samsung device, these trade-in offers are still available. This means you can get the Z Fold 2 for $ 1000 or the Galaxy Note 20 series for just $ 450. However, you need a device suitable for trade -im. If you’re in the market for a Pixel, the 3 XL is available for just $ 399 on Amazon for 128GB storage mode. For more deals on Apple Watches, Garmin Watches, and other Samsung products, see the links below.

Sony pulls Cyberpunk 2077 off the PlayStation Store and offers disgruntled gamers a refund

Let’s get to Cyberpunk since the game was finally launched, but it’s no secret that the developers were rushing to release this, which led to a lot of bugs and I mean a lot, especially for previous generation consoles. So much so that one of the biggest stories of the weekend was how Sony pulled it off the PlayStation Store for PS4 due to complaints from disgruntled gamers. SHE also issued a statement stating, “They strive to have a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, they will be offering a full refund to players who purchased Cyberpunk through the PlayStation Store and will be removing them until further notice. Once they receive confirmation that you purchased it through them, the refund processing will begin and will be available for the Xbox One version as well. Apparently there were some issues with the main partners. So, if you have an Xbox, the refund process might not be as smooth for you. Some of the bugs are very choppy frame rates, screen tears, weird physics in general during the game, or even players that disappear or just pop out of the blue. So yeah, one of the most anticipated games ever turned into a fiasco, and seriously, I wouldn’t want my money back, just fix the damn game!

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, confirms that a smartwatch will hit the market early next year

Let’s talk about OnePlus now, since last week we talked about how Pete Lau conducted an interview and confirmed the possibility of a OnePlus watch. Well, it looks like it’s almost done now. Pete went on Twitter earlier today and said, “A lot of you said you wanted a watch and as you may have heard we are making one and it will be released early next year.” Last week we talked about how they’d like to create a more seamless connection between the watch and other OnePlus products, much like the Apple Ecosystem, and this gives the impression that they actually made some progress. A OnePlus watch was certified in Singapore about a month ago and will apparently include a circular dial, a design language that matches the sketches from years ago, and of course it will run on Wear OS with an Oxygen OS skin on it. We’ll see how early in the year we get it if it’s a silent release or if we have to wait until the OnePlus 9 series.

Apple First in Industry to Take Advantage of TSMC’s 3nm Process: Report

Now let’s switch to Apple and talk seriously about how aggressive the company has been lately. We know Apple was the first to announce 5nm chips with the iPad Air, the iPhone 12 with the A14 Bionic, and even the M1 Macs, and it looks like TSMC isn’t going to slow down to become. According to a new report in the United Daily News, Cupertino may also be the first in the industry to offer computer and smartphone chips based on a 3-nm process. The report claims Apple was the first to contact them about the 3nm manufacturing process as they rely on this new process for the next-generation M-series chips, as well as the A-series for iPads and iPhones want . Now that it’s getting bittersweet, we hear that it will most likely go into mass production by 2022, but don’t worry, next year’s products will most likely bring a 4nm process which is reportedly announced in 2021. So yeah, it looks like TSMC should be preparing the next 4nm processors already, but Apple is already looking further into the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 has been leaked in all its glory

Samsung First Look 2021 Event Set for January 6; could include new display technology and products

I know we are approaching Galaxy Unpacked where we expect the S series but we thought this would be Samsung’s first event in 2021 but it won’t. The company has just released press invitations and a teaser for the “First Look of 2021” event, which will be broadcast live on its website on January 6th. The teaser shows the silhouettes of various products, mostly displays, which serve as pretty good indicators of what we’re getting. Samsung hasn’t actually revealed anything, but rumors suggest that new MicroLED, MiniLED, 4K, and 8K QLED TVs will be unveiled at the event. Another thing we might get is the new Galaxy Chromebook to keep track of what we got at this year’s CES. This Chromebook was leaked by Evan Blass over the weekend and is showing off some official looking renders of the device. It looks very similar to the previous model, but offers rearranged ports and different color schemes. The biggest change, according to Evan, will most likely be the internals, with a new Intel chip and a built-in fan. We’ll see if we get at least one teaser of the S21 at this event, as we expect to get it sometime in January.

The prices for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series have leaked again, and it is both good news and bad news

Don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy S21 to come with a power adapter

And finally, the hottest news today has to do with Samsung and the event we anticipated, which is the possible Galaxy Unpacked. Yesterday we covered some leaked price tags as well as official renders of the Evan Blass Ultra. Today we have a bit more of that as well as some other information. Let’s start with a funny note: if you remember the last month, we set out how some certifications indicated that the S21 series doesn’t have a charger or headphones in the box. Well, over the weekend, Samsung deleted its posts mocking Apple for removing the iPhone 12’s charger and not getting a 120Hz refresh rate for the iPhone. The last time we talked about them, the posts were actually still there, but … they’re not like that anymore, it looks like this is a done deal. Let’s talk about price tags again. Yesterday we talked about US price tags, but now we’re getting some for the European market from Winfuture, which also add to the ones we got yesterday. According to these leaks, the S21 will start at 849 euros, the S21 + at 1049 euros and the S21 Ultra at 1349 euros, all for 128 GB of storage. Well these are both good and bad, good because they are still cheaper than what we got for the S20. It’s a serious price difference for the European market that really doesn’t get the same chip we get in the US

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