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Samsung Exynos Processors On Monitor To Beat Apple Silicon? (Video)

Apple’s newest iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and more are on sale

Apple’s newest M1 Mac mini, Surface laptops, and more are on sale today

Let’s start the week with some deals as expected, as these don’t seem to be slowing down at all. The Galaxy S21, S21 +, Ultra, and every product we received from Unpacked are still available for pre-order with huge savings. However, you only have 3 days left to pre-order. So when you get the Galaxy S21 it’s only available for $ 99 and the S21 + is available for $ 299 if you have an eligible trade-in device and you immediately get $ 100 and $ 150, respectively. Get dollars for accessories and 6 months of Spotify. When it comes to the S21 Ultra, it’s available for just $ 499, with up to $ 200 instant credit, a smart tag, and 4 months of YouTube Premium. Yeah I know they still go If you want to protect your new Galaxy, SUPCASE is still our first choice for rugged cases. We leave links for Amazon and Here you can use the code POCKETNOW15 to get a 15% discount. If you’re looking for an older device that is too good for the deals, the S20 FE is available for $ 425 while the Z Fold 2 is available for $ 1000 if you have a trade-in device. If you’re looking for a computer, the M1 Mac mini is currently $ 50. The entry-level version costs $ 650 at Amazon and B&H. The Surface Book 3 costs $ 203 on Amazon, while the Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM are priced at $ 1,396. We have more deals on LG monitors, other Samsung products, and more.

HUAWEI Consider Selling Its P and Mate Flagship Phone Brands: Report

At Huawei, the company has taken some interesting steps to ensure that the U.S. ban continues to hurt the successful cellular business they had. The company recently sold its HONOR brand, which means Honor can now launch phones with Google Mobile Services. Now there’s a strange contradicting report from Reuters that claims Huawei has had talks to sell its P and Mate series to a consortium of buyers. Apparently, this is another government-backed consortium of Shanghai investment firms, and the talks have been going on for weeks as Huawei allegedly began to look into the possibility of selling its brands internally as early as September. Now the contradicting twist is that Huawei itself refuted the report. They issued a statement saying they had “heard of some rumors about the possible sale of their flagship brands, and they said those rumors have no value at all. Huawei does not have such a plan ”. The reason we’re still reporting on it is because something similar happened to Honor when it was pointed out that the company sold it. Huawei said it didn’t, and we know how the story ended. Yes, at the moment the Mate and P series in China are still huge, but what the future holds remains to be seen.

The upcoming smartwatches from Samsung and Apple may allow blood glucose testing

Let’s talk about smartwatches for Apple and Samsung as both companies seem to want to introduce new health-centric features in 2021. So far we’ve seen EKG, blood pressure measurements, blood oxygenation, and more. Not all of them are entirely accurate, but they are there. Now it looks like the next big upgrade will be blood sugar or glucose measurement. According to an ETNews report, the Galaxy Watch Active 3 will use non-invasive technology to take your glucose level readings using an optical sensor. When it comes to Cupertino, they will reportedly use the same technology to offer this feature, and they appear to have filed the patents and are testing the accuracy and efficiency of the blood glucose meter. This technology was demonstrated by a Japanese company at CES, and it’s ultimately good for everyone to bring it into the mainstream.

Sony is set to revive the Xperia Compact phone in 2021. This is what it looks like

Now let’s talk about compact smartphones. The iPhone 12 mini was an interesting experiment, but we heard they slowed production to empower the pros who do far better. If you remember, Apple didn’t push that market. It was Sony, and it seems the compact is making a comeback. We have some new renders from OnLeaks of an Xperia Compact. According to these renditions, this phone has a 5.5 inch display with a water droplet notch and a slightly thick chin at the bottom. When it comes to the cameras, there will supposedly be a dual module on the back, one of which is a 13MP sensor. In addition, a special camera shutter release, a headphone jack and the fingerprint sensor are integrated into the power switch. OnLeaks mentions that the phone will be a bit bigger than the iPhone 12 mini even if the displays are almost the same size, and it also looks like this is more of a mid-ranger compared to the 12 mini. Imagine that, a dedicated camera button and headphone jack on a mini phone. Seriously, how hard can that be? Let’s keep talking about Apple and unreleased wearables, but this time with the ones we’re still waiting for, AirTags. We have been waiting for these Tile-like trackers for the longest time. Sources like Jon Prosser claim they are ready to go, but Apple has delayed them several times due to the pandemic. A few weeks ago, Evan Blass posted some pictures of the accessories used to wear the AirTags, like these Nomad leather key chains, as well as a glasses holder so you can track your glasses. Now we have a new picture from a tipster on Twitter showing an AirTag holder supposedly made by Spigen that is being sold on Amazon. This is another keychain with a black design, and you can see the AirTag sticking out in the middle. So AirTags are Apple’s upcoming trackers that will work like the Galaxy Smart Tags. According to several sources like Ming Chi Kuo, they are supposed to start, but we don’t really have a schedule as to when we will have to wait. It’s just interesting that it doesn’t just depend on the air day, but on the accessories that make them smarter.

Samsung’s Exynos SoC with AMD GPU wins over Apple’s A14 Bionic in leaked benchmarks

And for today’s hottest news, let’s move on to Samsung and your favorite topic, Exynos processors. I know bad joke. But naked with me it seems this is about to change A few weeks ago we got the Galaxy S21 series, which comes with the Exynos 2100 in some regions. And in case you haven’t heard, Samsung has ditched its custom CPU cores to use the ARM design. This means that the Exynos 2100 can rival the Snapdragon 888 in terms of CPU performance. Not necessarily the same story in terms of graphics, but that’s about to change. Samsung is partnering with AMD to power the next generation of Exynos chips. These may hit the market sooner than expected. A Korean release reportedly has some benchmarks for Samsung’s unnamed new chips set to hit the market in 2022. Now we should take these with a large grain of salt as they didn’t provide screenshots, but after these numbers the A14 Bionic should be scared. In the Manhattan benchmark it was beaten by 60 frames with 181.8 fps, again by almost 60 frames in the normal Aztec ruins and still with 28 fps in the high Aztec ruins. And we know this is Apple’s processor for the past year and we should expect some upgrades from the A15, but folks, this is Exynos that we are talking about here. This could solve all problems with Exynos if AMD and Samsung did it correctly.

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