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Rylo brings some new software program methods to its non-360 digital camera – TechCrunch

Rylo wants people to use 360 ​​cameras to capture everything around them and then use software to determine what exactly they want after the fact. Today, the startup is adding a new feature to the app, a new feature and camera effect to the camera to keep the company’s 360 camera, which is actually not a 360 camera, interesting.

When it comes to how an action camera works, there are some things that 360 cameras really aren’t for. For example, if you have the camera mounted on your chest, you can assume that about half of the footage won’t come out very well. For situations like that, Rylo builds a 180 degree mode for his camera. The company said that Modus will offer “higher resolution and better image quality. “

In fact, 180 degree video has made some headlines since YouTube introduced a VR180 mode last year with the aim of creating an immersive format that does more without forcing developers to reinvent all of their workflows . While Rylo’s single-lens shot can’t do this in 3D, the company’s focus is still on punching out a traditional letterbox format rather than creating content that is ripe for display on VR headsets.

For the camera’s time-lapse mode, Rylo will also add a cool new “motion blur” effect that seems pretty good for creating the perfect montage.

Another function of the Rylo is Bluetooth remote sensing. This is a pretty expected feature for a 360 degree camera and allows you to start and stop recording from your app over bluetooth. What’s more useful is that users can also switch modes to switch to taking photos or immerse themselves in the new 180 mode without physically tapping the camera itself.

These aren’t the biggest feature additions in the world, but they are considered a continuous evolution of one of the most interesting spherical cameras out there. These updates will be released today on the company’s Android and iOS apps.

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