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Repair Google Pixel 6 no-touch enter this fashion

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Google Pixel 6 is one of the best Android smartphones of 2021, but that doesn’t mean it will be without bugs or problems. At startup, Pixel 6 users reported issues such as display flicker and green lines that appear on the display when the power down button is held down. People also reported the slow fingerprint sensor in the display and the slow loading speed of the device. Google has promised that it will fix some of these issues by the December Feature Drop update for the Pixel 6 series, but instead has rolled out its own. Issues such as network problems and two disabled calling features have been reported. And then just last week, Pixel 6 users reported an issue with auto-rotate and sensor error.

Another, not-so-often-discussed problem that plagues the Pixel 6 series is the response to inputs without touch. If you’ve had the random hiccups where the phone ignores your touch input and randomly freezes for 1-2 seconds, you are not alone. The problem has been reported to Google and it appears that Google is working on a solution for it. However, if you’re impatient and don’t want Google to release a patch for this, a Reddit user managed to come up with a temporary solution to this problem.

The Reddit user with username u / micku7zu reported a workaround that could resolve the Pixel 6 touch screen bug. The user first talks about what could be causing the problem. He says that “every accessibility service / feature that has” canPerformGesture “permission (an accessibility service that can tap the screen on behalf of the user) even went on to create an APK file that replicates the bug.

Then the user says that “if the battery drops 1%, the touch input will freeze for 1-2 seconds and then defrost again and quickly perform any touches registered during the freeze time.” If you have been affected by the problem on your Pixel 6 and can reproduce the problem, the user has suggested a solution that might help you. He says that Turn off all accessibility services, all help to solve the problem.

How to fix the error temporarily

Disable all accessibility options under Settings -> Accessibility. Turn off voice access, the shortcut for accessibility, and any other accessibility app, feature, or service. System or downloaded apps, it doesn’t matter, disable them all.

According to reports, Google has confirmed that the problem is with the Pixel 6 series. While turning off all accessibility features isn’t a permanent solution, it’s much better than using a phone that doesn’t accept touch input. After so many users report the problem, we expect the bug to be fixed in the January patch for the Pixel 6 devices. If you haven’t updated your Pixel 6 to the December patch, we recommend that you not update to the latest version using Accessibility Features and waiting for Google to roll out the fix.

Google Pixel 6

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