REIDEA F1 Electrical Arc Lighter with Versatile Neck


This electric lighter is a great choice for you to light your candles, including the birthday cake and other important occasions. It can also be used for cigarettes and other purposes of being lit up. It has a Slide-Out Tip feature, which will protect your safety in all circumstances. The long and flexible soft neck enables you to maintain a safe distance from the spark. Durable construction makes it useful for years to come.

  • Long neck. Helps especially when you need to light things in a narrow gap or hard-to-reach angle
  • Safety lock. Protects children’s fingers from scalding by accidents
  • 360° flexible. Can bend to any angle you want to meet different applications
  • Plasma technology. Protects the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather
  • User-friendly design. Designed for preventing mistakenly touching
  • Widely use. Perfectly use for candles, stoves, BBQ grills, camping, hiking, fireworks, outdoor and indoor activities, etc


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