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Razer’s Restricted Version Xbox Collection X/S controller with charging stand is 55 p.c off

We start this weekend’s deals selection with an excellent option for Xbox users, as the Razer Limited Edition Xbox controller for the Series X, Series S, and Xbox One is currently available for just $91, thanks to a massive 55 percent discount.

Razer Limited Edition Stormtrooper Wireless Pro Controller

$91 $200 Save $109

Razer’s Limited Edition Stormtrooper Wireless Pro Controller & Quick Charging Stand Bundle comes with impulse triggers, textured grips, up to 12 hours of battery life, magnetic secure charging, and a beautiful design inspired by the Stormtrooper’s armor.

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Razer’s Limited Edition Xbox Stormtrooper controller with charging stand normally sells for $200, which means that you will get $109 in instant savings. This model is perfect for Star Wars fans, as its finish is inspired by Stormtrooper armor, and it’s a more than ideal gift, as Xbox, Disney, and Lucasfilm Ltd officially license it. It is also fully compatible with the latest Xbox models, including the Xbox One and devices running on Windows 10/11.

The Razer Limited Edition Xbox controller gets fully charged in 3 hours, and its stand is also designed with overcharge protection, so you can enjoy this beauty for years to come. And if you want to play on a low battery, remember that you can also connect it to your console via a USB-Micro port. You will also find the Razer Limited Edition Captain America version on sale, which now goes for $100, which is $80 more affordable than its regular $180 price tag. You get the same features the same design, but a different paint job that will also make it stand out on your gaming setup.

Since we’re talking about wireless gaming controllers, you can also pick up a new PowerA Enhanced Nintendo Switch Controller Wireless for just $44, thanks to a 28 percent discount. This normally sells for $60, and it’s a great purchase; I can’t complain about the one I picked up earlier this year. I just wished I had waited for this deal.

Another great gaming deal to consider comes from GIGABYTE, as you can now get its 28-inch M28U gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rates, 2ms response times, and more for $450, which means you can save $150 instantly. And if you’re looking for a more affordable solution, you can also pick up a new 27-inch MSI G273CQ Gaming Monitor for $220 with $30 in instant savings.

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