Scooters And One Wheels

Put extra scoot in your scooter

We have a scooter hack that is weird for several reasons. First, the vehicle in question is a Doc Green EWA 6000, a German clone of a Xiaomi M365. Second, it’s about increasing performance, and when we think of scooters, we are attached to the scooter. The link between these particularities is the speed limiter that Germany needs for all scooters, which the Chinese model lacks. Despite the law [Nikolaj] wanted a higher top speed and bluetooth connectivity. Wireless enables advanced functions such as cruise control that are not available in the production model.

The motherboard is responsible for the speed control, but this is only a component and you can find third-party replacements. [Nikolaj] found a new part with the help of a German forum member and recorded his work for us in English. The speed boost is nice, but the Bluetooth functionality is a massive improvement in itself. If you live in an area where the law doesn’t allow such things, think twice before upgrading. Aftermarket parts are not always replacement parts. In this case the controller and the display had to be refined a bit. So measure twice and buy once.

If getting into a brand new scooter isn’t for you, consider breathing new life into a retiree and don’t forget that stopping is the other half of the battle.

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