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So you’ve decided to pay more than $ 1,300 with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, or are you about to? If the answer is yes, your next purchase should be a protective cover to protect your expensive new flagship. But won’t it hide the phone’s design, one might ask? Well, the best solution in this case (see what I did there) is a clear case that not only shows the design of the phone in all its expensive glory, but also protects it from unpleasant scratches and drops. To save you the hassle of searching for locations, we’ve put together this handy list of the best Galaxy S21 Ultra Clear cases:

    I have used the ESR unique cases on my Android phones in the past and I can say that these are the thinnest cases. It has raised edges to protect the gorgeous display and camera island, while the frame is shockproof for added protection.

    The ESR metal stand housing inherits all properties of the vanilla ESR metal stand housing. The biggest advantage here, however, is the rotating stand that allows you to use the phone in both landscape and portrait orientation.

    If you’re looking for an option that offers a stronger grip, the Ainoya Clear Case with its fluted rails is the perfect option. It also has padded corners to withstand drops up to 6 feet, and you also get an oleophobic coating on the back.

    If you’re worried about poking the corners of your Galaxy S21 Ultra and need some extra security, the padded air-cushion edges and deformation-resistant, hardened corners of the Arae Clear case are a perfect fit for your needs.

    The BAISRKE Clear Case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a scratch-resistant frame and is intended to offer military protection. The construction is made of sturdy, high quality TPU and polycarbonate, and there are also raised bezels.

    What if you want a clear case with a dash of personality? If your answer is yes, the iDLike clear case allows you to choose between floral and animal skin patterns on the real control panel, so much of the actual phone is still visible.

    The SQM Ring Clear Case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 360 degree rotatable ring finger holder, which not only offers a more secure hold on the phone, but also serves as a clever stand and has a magnetic car holder.

    If you’re looking for a no-frills, straightforward, clear case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Temdan Slim Case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a great option. It has a scratch-resistant surface, impact-resistant corners and raised bezels on both sides to protect the cameras and the display.

    The Restoo Clear Case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra has an evenly thick frame that offers maximum protection against mechanical damage. It’s made of a soft hybrid TPU bumper and sturdy polycarbonate, and it also has raised lips.

If I were to choose a clear case for my Galaxy S21 Ultra, I would choose the SQM ring case. It not only looks clean and offers the necessary protection thanks to the padded corners and scratch-resistant surface, but also has a very neat ring on the back. It has a magnetic base for your car holder, while the ring also does the job of a stand to aid the video experience on the beautiful AMOLED display of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Another great option for people who want a thin and light clear case that doesn’t add bulk to the phone is the ESR clear case. It’s extremely thin, scratch-resistant, and has padded corners to protect your Galaxy S21 Ultra while it sticks to it like a second skin. I’ve used it on some of my Android phones and I am very impressed with the quality of the ESR offering.

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