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Pocketnow Every day: Samsung’s Galaxy S22 teaser is sizzling, iPhones with periscopic cameras & extra! (Video)

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We’ve heard a ton of reports about Apple’s headset, but now it looks like Google doesn’t want to be left behind. Even if they’ve already tried somehow. Repeated. According to a new report from The Verge, Google’s next-gen AR headset will have nothing to do with Google Glass and will instead augment incoming video from outward-facing cameras with various graphics. I know it sounds funny. We’re also hearing that it will have different screens, just like those being developed by companies like Apple and Meta. Apparently it will have its own battery and will not require a power input. It will run on Google’s Tensor SoC, which Rick Osterloh says is “the perfect foundation for big improvements in AR.” But just like in the case of Cupertino, it looks like Google is also facing overheating issues, so Google will use its cloud data centers to stream some videos instead of rendering everything on the device. Finally, the report mentions that this headset will run on Android and that the goal is to ship the device by 2024… At this point, it’s hard to guess which company will be there first.

Let’s move on to OnePlus and their very cryptic release of the OnePlus 10 series, and note that I said series. Yes, the OnePlus 10 Pro has been out for a while, but it’s still only available in China. And we haven’t heard anything about the rest of this lineup. Now we have a new report from Android Central with a “high level of confidence” stating that the regular OnePlus 10 will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, while the more affordable 10R will be powered by MediaTek 9000, which has actually been rumored for the regular 10. And according to them the difference is down to availability as the regular 10 is sold worldwide while the 10R is always limited to Asia. And of course, despite the change, there’s not a huge performance gap here, considering the Dimensity 9000 isn’t just a flagship SoC, it has a more modern architecture. Unfortunately, there’s not much information here other than the possibility that these phones are likely to arrive sometime in Q2, along with global availability for the OnePlus 10 Pro. And with this version, I’m really waiting for that leaked flagship killer because that’s weird.

Let’s turn the spotlight on Apple and parties they’re very late to. We know they’re reluctant to introduce periscopic zoom lenses, but it looks like it’s finally happening. For those of you wondering when we’ll get these, we have a new report from none other than Mr. Jeff Pu stating that Cupertino is testing prototypes and component samples of 5x telephoto lenses. A final decision on the manufacturer is apparently expected this May, and once the components are approved they will be included in the high-end models of the 2023 iPhone lineup. Yes, that means the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will be the first to bring 5x periscopic lenses, and don’t be shocked when they say it’s a world first. The report mentions that Lante Optics could be the manufacturer and that expectations are reaching 100 million units made just for Apple. And we know Jeff Pu’s information has been patchy lately, but it kind of aligns with other reports that we’ve heard before from trusted sources, so yeah technology doesn’t use it anymore.

Finally, for today’s hottest news, let’s talk about Samsung and the Galaxy S22 series. Yes, for the past week I’ve been saying there’s really nothing more to report when it comes to leaks, but here comes the official news. Yesterday Samsung posted the first teaser for their next Unpacked, titled the video: Break the Rules of What’s Possible. The teaser shows 2 phones circling each other in the ocean and then merging into a single phone. A single square phone I could add and then it’s: are you ready to break the rules? And it ends with the Samsung logo. A new statement from TM Roh mentions that they are about to rewrite the rules of the industry once again and that at Unpacked in February they will be unveiling the most remarkable S Series device we’ve ever created. And that the next generation of Galaxy S combines the greatest experiences of your Samsung Galaxy in one ultimate device. So if there was any doubt, this is what we get. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note is coming back and will merge with the S series as the S21 Ultra. By the way, you can already reserve your S22 with $50 extra credit in the first link in the description. We got so many leaks of the beautiful design and specification.

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