Pocketnow Every day: iPhone 13 Notch LEAKED: Uhhh .. (Video)

As expected, today’s news starts with deals and I have to hand it over to Samsung as the company continues to be aggressive with them. They are currently running a “Discover Spring Event,” which has some great deals on their smartphones, but of course you’ll need a device to trade in. Starting with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is available for $ 750 along with $ 50 instant credit. Probably the best deal is that the Galaxy S21 and S21 + both go for $ 100 and you also get the $ 100 instant credit for add-ons. If you are looking for the Ultra, this one is available for 299 and you get the credits too. If you are looking for a foldable device, the Z Fold 2 is available for 1449. All of these prices apply even if you have an eligible device to trade. If you continue from Sammy, you can buy the iPhone 11 Pro for $ 120 from Woot and leave it at $ 880. Finally, the Google Pixel 4 is available for $ 317 off the original price at $ 482. We have other offers for MacBooks, headphones, the Apple Watch and more.

Let’s move on to Intel for a quick second as the marketing team doesn’t seem to be talking to the other teams. If you recall, last week they posted these ads with Justin Long, aka Mac, to find out how PCs are better since they’re still powered by Intel. Well, now their CEO is basically saying that they want to become a major player in products that contain x86 and ARM chips, with one of the companies they want to serve is Apple. I know, funny considering they sold their ARM business years ago, and through Apple, we know why. But all right, when we talk about Apple and Chips, let’s talk about the iPad pros to come. The guys from 9to5Mac have found references to an A14X chip in the iOS 14.5 source code that we are still waiting for. And apparently the report mentions that the A14X is based on the T8103, the code name for the M1 chip. This coincides with a previous Bloomberg report that claimed we could expect an updated and faster processor on par with the M1. So yeah, we should get closer to these iPad pros with better processors, mini LED displays, and a lot more, hopefully sometime in April. If they just ran macOS ..

Let’s spotlight some pretty sad news regarding LG. Last week it was reported that LG’s Rollable was back in the game, despite rumors that LG might sell its smartphone business. Well, now we have a new report from a Korean news agency claiming that LG’s plans to sell its phone business have actually failed this time around. Apparently, local sources claim that LG is now planning to completely shut down its smartphone division after their negotiations failed. Apparently, not only the plans for the rollable, but also for other telephones such as the LG “Rainbow” concept have been put on hold. These are just reports, of course, but given the amount of innovation LG brings to the market, nothing to worry about. We have heard from previous reports that employees are being transferred to other positions within LG. We hope this is true, but of course we should wait until we get official explanations.

Now let’s talk about Qualcomm and the Nintendo Switch. Yes completely independent as the switch is running on NVIDIA, but you’ll get where I go. According to a new report from Android Police, Qualcomm is taking a Snapdragon chip and plugging it into an Android-based game console with detachable controllers and the ability to connect to TVs. So yeah, it’s not actually a Nintendo Switch, but … Qualcomm wants to do a Switch. According to the report, the core of the device would be thicker and bulkier than a smartphone. And we could expect this chip to be the next generation Snapdragon Silicon, which should be released sometime in the first quarter of 2022, which means it is most likely the successor to the 888. It would also bring a 6,000 mAh battery with fast charge, 5G, dual-zone haptics, an SD card slot, Bluetooth, and more, with the controllers being sourced from third parties. Now that console would run a “custom launcher” for Android 12, and in addition to the Play Store, the Epic Games Store could also be preinstalled, which makes it pretty interesting given the catalog. The price target is supposed to be $ 300, but we don’t know exactly what you will get with it. We’ll see how the reports play out, and we’ve already seen the NVIDIA Shield flop. That said, it may have been ahead of its time as Android games are way better now.

But for today’s hottest news, we’re talking about the iPhone 13 as reports have slowed down a bit, but it looks like they’re catching up again. Over the past few months, most of the iPhone 13 reviews have kept mentioning two things: a refresh rate of 120Hz and a lower level. Well now we have a new report and even some handy leaks for those two things. Based on a new report from Elec that says Samsung Display will convert its Apple-destined line of OLEDs to LTPO displays in the first half of 2021, we expect both Pro models to have this technology, which it does also enables them to run at 120Hz. However, on hotter leaks, we’ve restored some new pictures from MacRumors showing the front glass cover for 3 of the iPhone 13 variants. You can see the noticeably smaller notch and it shows how Apple rearranged facial recognition and scaled down some of the components to achieve that smaller notch. Another thing to note is how the earpiece would be on that notch next to the phone’s frame, pretty much the design Android phones have been following for about two years. We’ll apparently have this for a year as Ming Chi Kuo claims we might see some potholes next year.

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