Pocketnow Each day: Google Pixel 6a REVEALED, Galaxy Z Fold Four Particulars Leaked & Extra! (Video)

Source: OnLeaks

The official news today starts with nothing but MediaTek! We were at the MediaTek Summit last week as you may have seen on my socials, but we were unable to put on a show due to technical difficulties. If someone can really buy that excuse. But hey, the beach break was great. The thing about it is, for those of you who say MediaTek isn’t a flagship, you were right before last week when the company announced two chips that are pretty enticing. One is the world’s first 4nm chip for a smartphone with the Dimensity 9000, and then the Pentonic 2000 is there to give you real horsepower on your smart TV. Let’s start with the latter as this new Pentonic 2000 chip was designed on a 7nm architecture. Think about it .. Smart TVs have always been what I would call powerful, but not exactly powerful. Aside from the crazy spec sheet and extra features, this new processor essentially means your new TV will run on a more advanced architecture than even current Intel laptops. Let’s see what that means in terms of user experience. Now for this Dimensity 9000, yes it’s the first 4nm chip on a product, but it doesn’t stop there. If you look at the benchmarks, this chip already makes other flagship processors look bad, but then the introduction of LPDDR5X-RAM appealed to me the most. You see, usually memory is the bottleneck for high processing power tasks like night mode photography on a phone. So the idea of ​​waiting from 3 seconds to 1 second while taking in more light sounds pretty great. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear about the first products they operate.

Let’s get to the OnePlus and their 10 Pro as things keep getting more interesting. Today we have a couple of different reports that show us more details about the camera functions and design. Starting with the design, we popped up some new dummies yesterday that give us a better idea of ​​the footprint, the display and the fact that the huge camera hump doesn’t protrude too far. But regarding that camera hump, this new report comes from the Digital Chat Station, where it gives us some details about what we’re getting with the module. Although OnePlus claims to be increasingly focusing on camera performance, this new report mentions that the 10 Pro will not have a periscope zoom camera and will stick to the standard optical zoom we currently use at 3.3x. and up to 30x digital. He also mentions that the sensor itself isn’t even high resolution, so this hybrid zoom feature might not be too great. It’s important to remember that OPPO was pretty much the first in periscopic zoom lenses, and they decided to forego the Find X3 Pro, and that camera worked pretty well. So let’s take a close look at how OnePlus is going to go about this. Plus, there aren’t any rumors about the regular OnePlus 10 just yet, which is a bit strange.

Let’s talk about products I’m really looking forward to and these are the next foldable devices from Samsung. At the end of last week we got a new report from Korea that gives us a few bits and pieces of what to expect. Apparently the Z Fold 4 will bring some improved camera technology under the display, but this time both cameras would be under the display. We also get an improved hinge that makes the phone lighter, as well as better water and dust resistance. Of course, we don’t expect the S Pen support to go anywhere, but another report claims we won’t get a slot to put your S Pen in the device, which is a shame with a phone this big. When it comes to the Z Flip 4, some prototypes are in development with a pothole and others are rocking a selfie shooter under the display as Sammy hasn’t decided which one to go with yet. We could also get a better hinge and water and dust resistance. Oh, and the outer display stays the same, which is fine for now. Both phones will have the same battery capacity as their predecessors, and they should hit the market together in the first half of 2022. Details should evolve over time, but it’s nice to get a few updates even if it’s still early is.

Finally, let’s talk about Google for today’s hottest news. And not to say I told you, but I said a couple of weeks ago that Pixel 6a leaks should be here in no time. And now, over the weekend, OnLeaks posted some new pics that supposedly belong to this Pixel 6a and are pretty much what I suspected. Yes, the overall look is pretty much the same as the regular Pixel 6, but there are a few key differences here. First off, it’s a bit smaller at 6.2 inches, which is welcomed with the same thickness. If you flip it, we get the same camera hump, but with a dual setup that looks smaller than what you get with the Vanilla 6 model. What is not to be welcomed is that the headphone jack is now gone, although the rest of the controls and ports remain the same as on the Pixel 6 models. What’s interesting is that the fingerprint sensor is also apparently under the display, which is an odd move for an affordable phone. In terms of internals, the report mentions that it can bring up to 8 Gig of RAM and 128 Gig of storage, with Android 12 ready to go and Google’s Tensor Chip or a lite version of it. On the same course of odd moves, the camera is also said to be the same 50 MP main shooter you get with the Pixel 6. So a smaller phone, no headphone jack, and pretty decent specs.

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