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Pocketnow Day by day: Samsung Galaxy S21 Leaks: S Pen CONFIRMED? (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Apple Watch Series 6, and more are on sale today

Let’s start deals today as usual, and you guessed it, the Samsung trade-in deals are still going on so we’ll keep offering them. The Galaxy Note 20 costs $ 550, which means the regular variant for $ 450 or the Ultra for $ 750. The S20 FE now starts at $ 390, the regular S20 at $ 490, and goes all the way to the S20 Ultra for $ 890. Last but not least, the Z Fold 2 is still basically half as cheap and priced at $ 1000. Yes, you can still grab these great deals, but remember, you will need a suitable device to trade with them. If you want an Apple Watch, you can save the Series 6 for $ 49 and leave the 44mm variant with $ 380. Okay, though, if you’re looking for a laptop, the Alienware m15 R3 is currently $ 277. 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD model cost $ 1572 and an RTX 2060 GPU. If peripherals are your thing, Razer has another sale, leaving things like the Razer Black Widow Elite keyboard for $ 85. For more deals on other gaming peripherals, other Apple Watches, and more, see the links in the description.

iOS 14.3 has ProRAW support and takes the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera capability to the next level

Now it’s time for the Apple update as the company announced a ton of features that haven’t really been introduced with their products to date. We know that one of the features that Apple markets the most for iPhones and that it relies on the most for iPhones is the photo capabilities, and the new iOS update brings an important one with it. Cupertino has just released a stable version for iOS 14.3, which of course goes back to the iPhone 6s. Now, if you own the iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max, make sure that this new update enables the Apple ProRAW mode that they announced at the event. When We Get Technical ProRAW is a 12-bit file that relies on Apple processing and computer photography to give you finer control over various aspects of the photo such as color, detail, and dynamic range. This results in images up to 25MB in size, but makes taking photos on your smartphone even more interesting. If you’re interested in iPhone photography, check out the Software Updates tab. This update also adds support for AirPods Max and brings other new features like app clips. You also get Fitness + in case you have an Apple One subscription. This means that the Apple Watch also has a major update to support this. You bet macOS Big Sur has found a major update too, and now apps like the Microsoft Office Suite support the M1 processor natively. Further information can be found in the description.

Apple plans a 30% increase in production for the first half of 2021 and expects strong iPhone demand

Let’s keep talking about iPhones, but move on to future versions when we hear that the company plans to have a more normal year in 2021 and still be aggressive. Every year we hear reports on how the company might have a super cycle, but despite the pandemic, it looks like they’re looking at one right now. Apple plans to produce up to 96 million iPhones for both old and new models in the first half of 2021, up 30% year over year, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia. When it comes to the full year forecast, we’re looking at 230 million iPhones next year, up 20% from 2019. This roughly equates to the 2015 record high of 231.5 million. The report mentions this as well. Cupertino is preparing an aggressive production plan for its high-end computers, including the MacBook Pro and an iMac Pro for next year. It also mentions a new Apple TV for next year, which other tipsters have also mentioned. We’ll see if this super cycle actually happens this year. Analysts like Jeff Pu forecast 220 million shipments for Apple. It seems that no matter how bad this pandemic was, people have actually consumed more electronics than ever before.

We could get an Apple Watch with Touch ID and a camera under the display

Now how about if we talk about Apple Watch? I find it interesting how Apple has made this watch so secure that it instantly locks itself when you remove it from your wrist and even doubles as a Touch ID replacement for your Mac. So if someone knows your PIN, you’re in a fix. Apparently, Apple decided to fix this with some new patent filings. The first is entitled “Electronic device with biometric registration system with sealed keys”, AKA. Let’s use this side button as a fingerprint scanner like we did with the iPad Air. The second is “Electronic devices with two-tier displays” that supposedly allow a camera under the display. Why would you ever want a camera in the most difficult position is the strangest thing, but it seems Apple is finding a use for it. Whatever the case, I look forward to getting Touch ID on the Apple Watch, but keep in mind that Apple is known for over-prototyping. So we have no idea if and when this will happen.

Samsung could give us up to four new foldable smartphones next year

And since the rumors suggest that Samsung will be getting rid of the Note line next year, we know they plan on relying on their leaflets. According to an ETNews report, Samsung will publish 4 different leaflets in 2021. These 4 leaflets will consist of two Z-fold models and two Z-flip models. All of these phones are expected to come with 5G capabilities. Mass production will start sometime in August, a little late but in time when the Note event usually occurs. And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Samsung have plans to do so, so this may be the company’s strategy. Other reports suggest that Samsung is planning to add the S-Pen to the Fold 3 because they plan to get rid of the Note line. ETNews also reports that Samsung may even plan to release a rollable smartphone sometime late next year or 2022. So yeah, we should get two new Z Fold 3s, hopefully one with a cheaper variant if it actually intends to replace the Note. and two Z Flip 3, yes, 3. I admit I admire Samsung’s audacity in putting its efforts entirely on leaflets, but I seriously wonder if consumers will react the same for the price.

Samsung is officially pointing out S Pen support for other devices, likely the Galaxy S21 Ultra

And finally, the hottest news today has everything to do with the upcoming releases from Samsung and their plans to get rid of the Note by extending some of its features to the Galaxy S. In typical Samsung fashion, we get more official details. Several reports this year have indicated that the S21 will bring S Pen support, partly because we may not receive a notice. Well, the president and head of the mobile communications division indicated in a blog post that pen support “will access more devices than just the Note portfolio,” and also indicated that the Note may not die after all. To quote him, he mentions that “they also paid attention to favorite aspects of the Note experience and are excited to add some of the most popular features to other devices in their lineup”. He also said that there are restrictions on other brands and that Samsung wants to test the rules as they have no limits. Of course, he didn’t specifically say the S Pen was coming to the S21, but a TON of reports has pointed this out since the leaks started. Unfortunately, tipsters like Ice Universe and other reliable sources claim the S Pen is supported, but it does not come with the phone and it is not placed in it as we get it with the notice.

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