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The world’s largest freehand drawing stock images!

Pictofigo is a freehand drawing search engine. Pictofigo’s mission is to make it easy for people to find freehand drawings and workflows across the web. At Pictofigo, you can express your creativity by sharing any type of handdrawn content which includes both vector and raster images.

How It Works

  1. Select. Select the drawing from Gallery
  2. Double Click. Double click on the image to open the editor window
  3. Select Fill Color. Select the brand color to fill up the image
  4. New Color. You can fill in a new color
  5. Fill Color. Fill in as many colors as in as many areas
  6. Background Color. Change the background color to make the image more creative

Pictofigo Plus

  • Drawings

    • 3,000+ credits each year, for life (250 credits/month)
    • Choose from any of the 15,600+ images in Pictofigo
  • Edit Image

    • Edit drawing color
    • Upload image or logo
    • Add editable text
  • Users can stack up to 10 licenses
  • Get while-label access & the ability to add your own sub-accounts


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